Tesco Paper Bowls 25pk scanning at 1p (Marked £1)

Tesco Paper Bowls 25pk scanning at 1p (Marked £1)

Found 27th Sep 2012
Was down at Tesco today getting a few paper bowls and discovered that their 25pk of paper bowls (marked £1) were scanning at 1p on self checkout. Not sure if its a local glitch or nationwide but might be worth checking out if you ever have a need for paper plates or have a kids party coming up!

Discovered in L'Derry, Northern Ireland.
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Love Tesco misprices, remember when I picked up 5 energy saving plugs for a penny each.

Amazing, hot if you can get it before they notice.
will try my tesco after work, that's another 4 hours they would have noticed by then, maybe not
They never notice -until you have paid- on their tesco direct site
Wow, for the price of these you could save washing up for a year!! Tescos here I come!
will check later tonight thanks
These are useful for my eldest to sort out his lego when he is doing a larger set to keep them safe on the table.
good price
Sccanning at £1.44 on Huddersfield road tesco

Sccanning at £1.44 on Huddersfield road tesco

Same barcode?

5 000462 940758
Store specific frippery
Scanning £1.44 @ Alfreton.
scanning £1.44@swindon
scanning @ £1.44 at Bristol - freezing cold from me
Beats washing up
Find it funny that everyone seems to be going on a paper bowl hunt at their local Tescos lol!
Are these seriously this sought for?

Sccanning at £1.44 on Huddersfield road tesco

lol, yes £1.44
have you ever wondered though, if these supermarkets do this on purpose?

I mean to create a hype and have hundreds of extra people going in to tesco to check, I bet most of the people who check actually end up buying something...

was just thinking about that so there you go!
No one seems to pick up that the original poster said they are marked at £1 yet scanning at £1.44, so there would be a DTD there.
Dishwasher proof?
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