Tesco saturday night reductions (LOADS OF BARGAINS)
Tesco saturday night reductions (LOADS OF BARGAINS)

Tesco saturday night reductions (LOADS OF BARGAINS)

Okay, i realise this is pot luck wether you get the good stuff or not and wether your store do it or not, but at 8 o'clock onwards tesco reduce all bread and fridge items LOADS!!
i got some sandwiches for 19p, chicken korma tesco's finest for 1.00, loaf of bread for 24p etc.
Please note: in the Loughborough store around 30 people were all crowding round the shelf it was hilarious :P I could not get through them so was left with the worst items but still bargains! If you get there first you get good stuff e.g i seen a man walk off with a crate of reduced pork farms pork pies!!!

N.B this is every saturday from 8pm onwards


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if you are voting cold can you please explain why, i realise its gone for this week but next saturday it could be your chance

Hahaha I posted a deal earlier today on pork's farms pork pies for a £1

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why cold? please explain


I've heated it up a bit for you :-D

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I've heated it up a bit for you :-D

thanks :thumbsup:

Probably because the products go out of date on the day you buy 'em. That's my guess why people are voting cold.

This is a love it or hate it thread haha.

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they have around 2 days on the bread and most of the items can be frozen

have a bit of heat luv...don't worry about the cold voters,its a bargain

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have a bit of heat luv...don't worry about the cold voters,its a bargain

Wooo the sensible one :santa:

Deal - Expired :whistling:

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wow.. thats stupid!!!!!!!!

why cold

I'm not voting cold because it is useful to know. But:

- The timing of these reductions varies every time, so to say "at 8 o'clock" isn't valid. This is to stop people (e.g. restaurant owners) turning up with trolleys and loading up with cheap almost-out-of-date stuff before the like of us can get a "fair go" at it. At my store it can vary by up to 2 hours.

- Stores that don't open "24 hours", i.e. close each night, have these reductions every night, not just on Saturdays.

- Quite a lot of savvy people know this already. Hence the aforementioned people with trolleys.

For example, last night I went to my (non 24-hour) Tescos and bought six 2kg bags of decent spuds (Desiree and King Eddies) reduced from £2 to 50p each BOGOF (so effectively 25p a bag). These have all now been peeled, chipped/sliced, blanched and are in the freezer. And turkey goujons reduced from £3 to £1.50, BOGOF so effectively 75p for six. They're also in the freezer.

not sure if this really qualifies as a "DEAL" think everyone is well aware that if you go into a supermarket late evening there are shortcoded products reduced! havent voted hot or cold for this reason.

and btw its EVERY evening-not just saturdays-thats how supermarkets work.

Different stores seem to reduce short-coded perishables at different times and by different amounts.

Can confirm, its nightly in my local 24 hour store but it can vary between 8pm and 10pm.

Everything in the reduced areas, if it's there long enough is reduced to 10% of its originally value.

Being a student its great for me, I only buy chilled stuff that can be frozen and the fresh produce and bread lasts a couple of days. I have a freezer FULL of lean steak mince, braising steak, whole chickens, prawns, a couple of beef joints - none of which cost me more than £1
It amazes me people who snub the reduced area!

Morrisons do the same with their bread but you can normally find it reduced from midday onwards. There chilled products in our store are kept out the back as the staff buy them all!

Reductions depend entirely on levels of stock on the day - there are no more or less on any given day. Also it is vastly different from one store to the next; times, reduction percentage etc.

My bro works at Tesco, and he does the reductions. Its generally 35% off during the day, 50-60% off early evening then generally 90%+ off after 9pm. Thats just his store though, and can vary wildly depending on who is working and how much there is to do other than reductions.

I've seen beef joints go for 20p some nights, others I've seen sod all. Def not worth a visit specifically for this, but if you are there at the right time its well worth a luck. Sainsburys and Asda do the same, although Sainsburys tend to reduce the prices as the store closes so the staff can get them!
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