Tesco (Scotland) beers/lagers/ciders packs £7.00 each starts tomorrow

Tesco (Scotland) beers/lagers/ciders packs £7.00 each starts tomorrow

Found 4th Dec 2012
It is £1 more than the 3 for £20 offer in England and Wales, however due to Scottish laws Tesco's are instead reducing each pack to £7 so it's 3 for £21. They include

Fosters x 12 440ml
Strongbow x 12 440ml
Magners berry x 6 500ml
Stella artois x 10 440ml
Millers genuine draft x 12 275ml
Magners original x 8 500ml
Grolsch x 12 330ml
Belhaiven best x 12 440ml
Plus many more (too much to add)...
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Should be going for £6.66, just to stick two fingers up to Alex Salmond. X)

Should be going for £6.66, just to stick two fingers up to Alex Salmond. … Should be going for £6.66, just to stick two fingers up to Alex Salmond. X)

that man should have 2 fingers stuck up to him on a permanent basis in my opinion!
Your propaganda doesn't make sense. Alex Salmond is bad for trying to make Scotland healthier and safer?

As for the "Would you buy a second hand pie from this man?"

First off, that's a Tunnock's tea cake in his hand and second why would he (or anyone) be selling second hand pies?

You're looking for cheap drink and second hand pies? I think it might be you that's the problem, not Salmond.
I actually support the ban on multi buys, they should extend it to all groceries, especially soft drinks. I don't want 2 bottles of coke for £1.80 when I'm in town and I'm thirsty, I want 1 bottle of coke for 90p.
You don't have to buy the two, that's your choice as you don't save money buying the two if you only want one. I bet you save more on offers like this rather than lose. It has become quite easy to convince people into spending more.
I doubt the changes to alcohol laws in Scotland will affect Alex Salmond or any of the MPs or MSPs as I doubt they need to look for multi-buys or special offers. As for the minimum price - if it ever comes into force - again this will not affect them either as they would not lower themselves to buying cheap booze anyway. They will however affect people on lower incomes some of who already rely heavily on deals such as this.

As far as this particular deal goes - it is hot from me.
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