Tesco set of 4 owl mugs £3

Tesco set of 4 owl mugs £3

LocalFound 1st May 2014
Set of 4 owl mugs, 2 of each design in the picture half price at £3. Found in Prestwich store. Full price online, not sure if it's national. Really good quality.
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These are national, I also saw other designs
ooh! if these are national, will look them up in my local! I love owls prints! ^_^
I bought some owl cushions the other week, Just want to know are owls the "In" thing at the moment?

Ive seen owl doorstops and loads of other stuff Owl related too.
I have been wanting those, did it have a shelf label of £3? I'm going to have to go and find myself some tomorrow
Yes they had a yellow reduced label on the shelf
twit too
The owls are not what they seem.
I'm going on a hunt for them today! I love owl designs ♥
These were £6 at my local on Wednesday.
Just came on to post this myself, but you've beat me to it OP! Great deal, heat added. I picked up the last set in the Perth Edinburgh Road store this morning, so must be national. They had other set designs reduced to half price too xxx
Just picked up a set in my local, they also had Cath Kidston style ones for £3.25, I bought those ones too
I've had these mugs for a couple of years and they're the best I've ever had! They hold just the right amount for a decent brew. Also the china is quite thin but strong enough to withstand the kids loading/emptying the dishwasher, as I hate drinking out of a 'thick' mug! Well worth the money
Thnks OP. Was after them. And finally i got atleast one deal from my tesco, though they didnt had the reduced label on it...
I got these too today ~ they are lovely price was £6 on shelf label but when scanned with self scanner they did infact come up at £3!!
Great find,Heat added ....
£3 online too, just typed in owl mug and there they are
£6 online when I just checked.
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