Tesco Sim Card £9.78 with £20.20 credit (£10 credit expires after 30 days)

Tesco Sim Card £9.78 with £20.20 credit (£10 credit expires after 30 days)

Found 11th Mar 2009
Tesco Sim Card for £9.78 has £10 top-up included but doesn't mention the fact that you are also entitled to £10 free credit. They class the 1st £10 included as if YOU topped it up therefore giving you the extra free credit. Also it has 20p to start with. Just register everything (clubcard, 5 favourite numbers) and all the credit will arrive within a couple of days. This deal was mentioned a month ago when they were £5 by sohood, though the free credit wasn't mentioned, then they went out-of-stock


Just a warning though, the "extra" £10 is only call credit and expires after 30 days - can't be used to purchase premium services such as downloads etc.

When you first use the phone it only has 20p on it - it takes c 24 - 48 hours to have the £10 purchased credit loaded, the "promo" £10 then follows.

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I appreciate that you can't use the free credit for premium services. I used mine to save on the landline phone bill and also to use the wap connection to register for the 1500 clubcard points offer posted by ALYMAC76. Like I said this deal would have been hotter when it was first posted by sohood when it was £5 for £20.20. I bought mine a month ago at this price as a Free Delivery item.

the t&c's for the free extra £10 credit do state though on the website that you must register for the offer before you top up,so in theory if you buy a sim with £10 credit already applied you wouldn't qualify for the extra as you havent registered ?

Having bought and processed 35 of these so far (bought at £5 each) I can assure you that ALL 35 qualified for the bonus £10 - soI would reckon you don't need to worry about that.

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Now £4.89!!! Should I edit or re-post?

I bought one of these about 3 or so weeks ago - for a fiver (to get the free tesco delivery when ordering some other stuff online).

I was going to take it back originally, but other halfs phone was out of credit so thought I'll just pop it in.

I put phone in and gone through the activation part, and it says that we only have 20p credit., but "if I buy extra credit then the bonus credit will take up to 48hrs to show".

Now I haven't put any credit myself on this phone....I only want the £10 credit that it supposedly comes with out of the packet...or £10.20 as the case may be. Obviously if I do get extra £10 on the phone then thats a brucey bonus, making it £20.20. Is this right? Seems stupid if you cant buy a phone with credit and expect to have access to the credit you bought straight away?

So in a nutshell...what I'm saying is I'm buying it marked as coming with £10 credit on....inside on opening it it says nothing about how to "activate" this £10 credit that comes with it, and just how to top up for 'more' credit with credit cards and the likes

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Maybe I should have stated that to get the credit (both parts) the sim needs to be "activated" by making a chargeable call. It doesn't mention this on the sim pack, but it should work. I reposted this deal again yesterday as I noticed that the sims were half price but they are out of stock again. Let us know how you get on, Midnight. You should get confirmation texts soon after. *#10# for top-up balance and text "balance" (no speech marks in the text!) to 2112 for the extra credit. Bear in mind that it could take a day or two to register 5 favourite numbers and to receive all the credit.

hiya Mr Rossi

When I first plugged the sim card in I did make a call...sort of. Well I dialled my own number so that I had record of the number, but never let the call answer nor reach voicemail so not charged etc.

I then went through the registration bit...though have yet to add the 5 favourites and tesco clubcard bits...then about 15mins later did the balance text to 2112 but said 20p - will have to wait till tomorrow I guess, then try making a quick charged call to someone very briefly on it and see if the main £10 then shows up

can this sim be used to register for the tesco points on the wap?

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Yes grilli, once you've clicked onto the advert, save it as a bookmark then disconnect, then go back to the saved bookmark (I saved it as Tesco Points on an old Nokia 6600) and you'll then be directly connecting for free as that page is free. Then just keep repeating by going to the bookmark. This weeks offer is Persil Small and Mighty for 250 points (times by 4 for 1000 clubard deal points) but as has been posted, Tesco have limited purchases to 5 per item. Just thought I'd add that the price for the sim did go down to £4.89 but it's still out of stock. I picked another up today along with a value kettle that I ordered on Monday. I reposted the deal then and it did get quite hot. I just hope that everyone gets their free credit because so far I have a few times by just buying another sim.
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