Tesco Sticker Offer, only 5 stickers needed not 10 from Monday 29th July

Tesco Sticker Offer, only 5 stickers needed not 10 from Monday 29th July

Found 28th Jul 2013
Collect 10 stickers and claim one item from the Fissler cookware range of your choice with a 70% discount

Two Tesco staff talking today, deal changes to 5 stickers needed not 10 from tomorrow, Monday 29th July.

Which means we can now get the Grill Pan we want.
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If anyone in Salford (M5) wants 6 stickers they are free to collect
Must be doing this as they are not selling, the quality of the pans really isnt that good from what I have seen.
I can't see this being right
The Pyrex was the best one they did.
I think they need to reduce the price even further, not the number of stickers.
The quality looks good but there isn't enough variety of pans
10 stickers or 5 , way too pricey either way
We just bought 3 pans last week as well!!
Still have a good 12 stickers so if this is true may as well get another couple.
why the tesco website still showing 10 stickers needed?
I will need to go into Leytonstone Tesco tomorrow to check if they have changed their signs...
this offer is not on in my Tesco in derby staff know nothing about it
I bought 2 pans last friday and needed 10 stickers each for them
I'm sorry to say this isn't true but I wish it was.... BUT its not far off, I checked with my Tesco (Addlestone). There were meant to be NEW collector cards with 5 FREE BONUS STICKERS, that are meant to be handed out to every customer no matter how much they spend per transaction. My local store never got these cards but they've been handing out the extra 5 stickers. This is a limited offer thou, it's only on for another two weeks. So make sure you ask for them.... They can be so BAD at handing them out.
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