tesco stroller £5 *instore*

tesco stroller £5 *instore*

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Saw this in my local store today tesco basic stroller £5


I bought one of these at this price last year to take on holiday, but be warned it's really small, I am not tall - 5ft 5 and I had to bend all the time whilst pushing, I really would not recommend unless your less than average height with a very light child!!! Wheels do not swivel, had no hood or raincover - on the plus side I suppose it's almost disposable - I left mine at the airport!!!

would disgree with above comments- my 2 yr old is quite heavy and I find it much easier to push him around in this than his Britax pushchair! It is a very basic stroller, no frills, but I bought it for hols and find it easy to maneover as does my 6ft 1" hubby. Wheels do swivel on the one I bought about 2 mths ago from Tesco so maybe the above comment is a differen/ faulty buggy. I've had no issues with this and its fine as long as its used for an older child- mine is used occassionally as my child generally prefers walking but does still need a buggy to rest his legs at times. The buggy doesn't have a raincover or hood but for the price you can't complain (or buy a cheap universal one which does fit). I'd recommend for toddlers as an occassional buggy that doesn't take up much storage space in the car boot.

i have this....wheels definately swivel and my toddler prefers to sit in this rather than her mamas and papas pushchair

We also bought this for our 17 month old last easter. This was £16 first then £12, £10 and £8 last. We got this to take on holidays as it's easy to store and carry. Plus we don't trust airport baggage workers with the expensive silver cross. I can definetley say that the front wheels do swivel. I am 5 ft 9" and do not find it short/low down. May be the first poster has a different model.

at that price it looks decent to me

Where can I get a cheap universal raincover?
Otherwise this deal sounds like just what I need!

Dont even have a kid but I want it! 50p off staff discount result!

good deal

Is this only red color?

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not sure all the boxes had same picture on them :?

bargain, i think it used to be £12 a while ago

very basic but not bad for the price.


Where can I get a cheap universal raincover?Otherwise this deal sounds … Where can I get a cheap universal raincover?Otherwise this deal sounds like just what I need!

argos do a raincover.


it is more expensive than the pushchair its self tho. Wilkinsons did one a while back but havent been in for a while so dont know if they still do one or you could look on ebay. theres loads on there at different prices.

this did the job in Turkey, and then I gave it to the maid at the hotel for her little one .
So well worth a fiver.


Where can I get a cheap universal raincover?Otherwise this deal sounds … Where can I get a cheap universal raincover?Otherwise this deal sounds like just what I need!

Argos do one for around £10 but look at market stalls selling baby equipment for one cheaper- can find them for around £5.

hot price, but this is going to be store specific, my local tesco's are rubbish, i have 3 nearby none of them will ever have any deals that are put up on here.
Still a good deal if you can get it

Just got 2 from tesco cradley Heath. They have about 4 left I think. Really good for a £5 will be good for holiday next week!

my store still selling for £10

Has anyone seen this in any of the derby stores ?

Do we have this offer in any store near Maidstone?

Most north west stores have these but price can vary store to store- i paid £12 a few months ago and would still recommend as most other buggies with swivel wheels and grip handles over the £30 mark!

Please can someone let us have the SKU or item number as I want to call round before making the trip.

Looks like it is a limited offfer in selected stores alone.
None of the Maidstone store has it

tenner in colchester - bummer as I need two
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