Tesco Sunflower/Vegetable Oil 3x 1 litres for £3.00
Tesco Sunflower/Vegetable Oil 3x 1 litres for £3.00

Tesco Sunflower/Vegetable Oil 3x 1 litres for £3.00

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Tesco 1 litre Sunflower Oil or Vegetable Oil 3 bottles for £3.00

Usually £1.59 each for Sunflower oil or a 3 litre bottle is £4.55 a bottle or two for £6.50!
Thought this was a good deal, time to stock up!

Not such a good deal for the Vegetable oil as this is only £1.06 anyway a litre!

Just had a look @ Asda also £1.59 for one or Sainsburys £1.58!


Cheaper than diesel!

Ok if you can find a store with any.

Some people scoff at folks who run their cars on vegtable oil (I don't personally) but Mr. T runs his entire fleet of lorries on 'bio diesel' including the re-cycled oil from the customer cafe's,staff canteens etc. BONUS FACT!

3l of the stuff.... wow! I think it would take me a couple of years to use that much!!!! I guess if you have a deep fat fryer it might be useful!?!?! Lean Mean Grilling machine is the way forward!!!! ;-)

Sunflower smells much nicer than veg oil. It may need a bit of white spirit to thin it down a bit too

But yes, 30p a litre cheaper than diesel
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Heated, cheapest price at present but someone will tear the shelf apart, will have a look today.


Crisp n Dry (pure rapeseed oil) was a quid a litre last Friday in Cardiff. I only got one for the kitchen!

Best I found for veggie was around £15 for 20 litres at Bookers. Don't know how much it is there now (I got my last batch in Sept-Oct)

So you save around 8.80 on an average 40litre tank, if diesel is 1.22 I remember when it was a lot cheaper and worth doing unless you have a bookers card
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At the moment, where I am you are looking at £1.29 a litre and my car takes 65 litres so I am saving over £35 on a tank (based on the 75p/per litre) (only use 100% in the summer though). I've got a 45 gallon drum with a pump so I just fill that up when it gets empty.

Foxy102, what car have you got and what year is it.
I am too scared to put straight vo in my car as I read it can damage your rails.

Last year when it was at 1.35 i did look at wvo and convert it but i phoned around the chip shops and someone was already taking the oil for free.
Fuel oil is at 60p+ a litre atm so that's not that great either, I wonder what the smallest quantity of veg oil you can get bulk, 1000 litres.

I have a 1995 jap import people carrier. A good site worth checking out is vegetableoildiesel.co.uk/fue…php as it tells you of other motorists experiences.
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