Tesco Technika  Wireless  Keyboard and  Mouse  £4.99

Tesco Technika Wireless Keyboard and Mouse £4.99

LocalFound 17th Nov 2012
Tesco Technika Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Local in Leyland Lancs maybe national, , ,,,, not the best in the world but must be worth a fiver
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This will make a great Xmas present for someone you hate
Confirmed. Just picked up two at Tesco at Glasgow Parkhead

Good if you can find one in stock. I've
just been to my local tesco and the cheapest they had was £15
No it is 14.97
Test how good your current keyboard is by holding both shifts and typing the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Post results here.

This will make a great Xmas present for someone you hate

Not a bad kit but don't expect a wireless range of greater than 3ft. Get yourselves a set of rechargeable batteries for both the keyboard and mouse because none are included.

This will make a great Xmas present for someone you hate

Brilliant - haha!
Bought one a month ago for same price. Not worth a fiver. Total cheap unusable crap. Put the fiver to something better. Broke within 3 hrs. Made from brittle plastic that just snaps off with little effort.
I've had two Technika wireless mice in my time and both were complete rubbish. Jittery, stuttery mouse movement and the mouse pointer creeping when the mouse wasn't moving.

Don't waste money on this tat.
the battery drain on this is awful
Voted cold based on previous Technika experience.
DVD player lasted 6 weeks before going faulty. Replacement lasted just over 2 months.
Freeview box constantly crashed. Replaced. Replacement did the same.

Cheap doesn't equal bargain
Never ever ever ever ever buy Tecknika

Source : Someone who has bought Tecknika
Hot because it's so cheap but depends on whether you're a 'heavy' computer user - by that I mean if you use it more than around once a month. If you do then invest in a better keyboard! Logitech sells them for £15 and that's better value long term.
Tried one out, batteries are included and the mouse goes into standby you have to right click power up after 5 minutes of inactivity. The USB dongle is on a 2 ft long extension wire with blue flashing LED activity light. I bought half a dozen of them to send out with second hand starter units better than a ancient wired PS2 keyboard and mouse.
Light use, kids homework machines they are fine otherwise buy a base Microsoft or Logitec setup for £15 - £20 quid.

the_jinj .... " This will make a great Xmas present for someone you hate " ........ nice one :-)
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