tesco tinned baby corn 5p @ Tesco

tesco tinned baby corn 5p @ Tesco

Found 1st Nov 2009Made hot 1st Nov 2009
Tesco branded tin of baby corn reduced to half price at 65 pence. However, at the till I was charged only 5 p.
Must be a mistake but hey who s askin!


Good price, but baby corn, yrgh.

i dont know why but this made me lol :thumbsup:

This seems to crop up on a regular basis but I've never seen it in our Tesco. It's great for adding to stir fry

Haandy to keep in the store cupboard at that prce, even if only to keep the shelf propped up.

Has been 5p at my Tesco for ages and ages, i brought the whole lot each time i went. I think they were just trying to get rid of the stock as it now seems to be discontinued...

Yes this seems to be its normal price and has been posted on here before. Its not a mistake.

I wish my Tesco did it, I have to go to the Chinese food shop to buy tinned baby corn, we love it! (but expensive at the Chinese shop .....)

This was posted when they started selling for 5p ages ago:


Useful for those who missed though

I'd rather eat my own faeces. And that's free!


tinned veg is never a good idea
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