Tesco Travel Money - Rate Sale! PLUS 25% off Travel Insurance!

Tesco Travel Money - Rate Sale! PLUS 25% off Travel Insurance!

Found 11th Feb 2014
Tesco Travel Money - Rate Sale. (Better exchange rates than normal)

Starts tomorrow (12/02/14) at 8am and ends 8am 14th Feb.

Just a heads up, no idea what the rates will be like...

With all the holiday deals it might be worth a look...

PLUS 25% off Tesco Travel Insurance with code: FLASHSALE

(Clubcard holders only)... READ BELOW AS COPIED FROM EMAIL:

'Just enter your Clubcard number and promo code FLASHSALE online to get the guaranteed discount.'

As I said, may be benificial... worth a look at least!
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For example... Tesco Euro Rate is currently 1.1679 / £
Sounds about average in my opinion... could see a nice increase tomorrow!
Hats off to Tesco, I've been a Barclays customer for over 25yrs and wanted a personal loan, Barclays = 7% (their best offer!), TESCO = 4%
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I currently have a tesco loan, bargain IMO, and no questions asked really!
Stealth666 Ask Barclays about a Price Match re loan I'm sure I've read somewhere they do it
1.1755/£ today for Euro in Tesco
1.1725/£ at Travelex in example
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Sorry to be off topic... But does anyone know tricks way to get a good bargain for airport VIP lounge passes?? Thx
Their travel insurance is very expensive even with the 25% off. More than double the rate of Columbus.
For great exchange rates for the last 4 years I have used fairfx.com

better rates here

not really, it shows a rate but when you actually go to the site for buying the rates are less, so Tesco is definitely better today than all the sites at your link for US Dollars in cash. I just ordered USD @1.603/£ which is best than all those sites you mention.
Also free delivery to a tesco store and no charges on clubcard i.e. credit card, I dont think you can match that

So this is a good deal. :thumbsup:
Ordered at 11:00 AM and the $$$ are ready to collect now from store i.e. within 4 hours. They had promised me by tomorrow 2 PM, excellent service by Tesco Travel Money. This deal is HOT!!!

For great exchange rates for the last 4 years I have used … For great exchange rates for the last 4 years I have used http://www.fairfx.com

So have I, great rates, great company.

Todays rate = at the FairFX Rate of £1 = €1.1905

Far better than this Tesco rate.
15 cheaper options for euros on MSE rate checker
doesn't actually reduce by 25% on the travel insurance I put all our details in with and without the clubcard and code and it was £2 difference 25% should have been nearer £13 off!

One cent better at the place that I … One cent better at the place that I use...http://www.thomasexchangeglobal.co.uk/

Only problem is they are all based in London and only provide straight cash or travellers checks. Fairfx.com also provide a prepaid MasterCard service that can be reloaded at any time home or abroad which means you buy your chosen currency as needed/required.
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