Tesco Value Instant Custard Powder - £0.7 @ Tesco

Tesco Value Instant Custard Powder - £0.7 @ Tesco

Found 29th Apr 2010
Found this in Milton Keynes this morning.



This is the normal price afaik, we always use these now as its so much simpler and cant really tell much difference

my local tesco always been that price .. its really worth spending the extra 15p and getting the non value one as its a little thicker

great price but i find its too grainy consistancy woth spending a bit more an going for the carton stuff ( own brand ) good taste and quality, also if you have an asda near you go for there own brand carton stuff realy good nice creamy good flavour and 3 for £1 at the moment.

as with all my posts this is just my opinion take it and leave it as you will and make your own mind up

yum - full of artificial goodness:thumbsup:

wow 7p.

Still wouldn't try it though.
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