Tesco Value low fat fruit Yogurts 4Pack only 15p @ Tesco

Tesco Value low fat fruit Yogurts 4Pack only 15p @ Tesco

Found 5th May 2010
My brother is hooked on yogurts and when he doesn't have any of his fav yogurts left, he's sure to have these tesco value ones in the fridge as back up to fiend on.

If you like yogurts for being yogurts these are fine, I have tried and tested, but no where near close to the quality of better brands but its ok...and only 15p for 4

There were also single bigger pots for 17p


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Its the 4 pack ones on the right

normally buy these at 29p went down to 20p last week popped in yesterday these bad boys were 15p

lovely jubbly

thing to watch out with on these though is quite a high sugar content, about 19% daily allowance I believe off the top of my head so dont want to be cramming too many down your throat. They are pretty nice though, cant really complain for 15p anyway

probably as bad as their 10p showergel :whistling:

IMO these r ok if you like flavoured water..... you get wot you pay for.....
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