Tesco Value Mixed FROZEN Vegetables (907g) 44p (4.9p / 100g)

Tesco Value Mixed FROZEN Vegetables (907g) 44p (4.9p / 100g)

Found 25th Aug 2010
an excellent price I think.

I spotted it instore this afternoon, and its available online too. Bought a few packs today. Very nice veg for the price.

Carrot (47%), Garden Peas (30%) , Cauliflower Florets (15%) ,

Tesco Value Mixed Vegetables (907g)
(4.9p / 100g)


i think similar are available at asda for 40p, but i agree, i buy loads of the value veg, tastes the same as expensive stuff to me, i only buy fresh when doing a stew or something

I once bought value sweetcorn...will never do that mistake again...they were hard & inedible.
Might be different for the mixed veg.
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taste great to me, but then im not that fussy...hot deal

I think I avoided this because of some sort of flavouring with added salt and sugar, tend to stick to frozen veg which just is purely veg.

Will have to check the ingredients out.

Never had any problems with this, or the frozen value sweetcorn, I like it a bit tender

Is it just me or do packs of mixed vegetables always look like cold vomit?

Tesco website doesn't say what the other 8% of ingredients are??
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