Tesco Value Pizza Cutter now down to 5p!!!

Tesco Value Pizza Cutter now down to 5p!!!

Found 12th Apr 2008Made hot 12th Apr 2008
in-store only, spotted in Tesco Flitwick (Bedfordshire) this afternoon

its the wheel cutter with blade guard one

posted as the previous price was 200% higher...


5p, damn where is the little silver piece.
I'm going to have to pay on my credit card :roll:

Same price for the peeler as well

How comes this is hot and the potato peeler is not! Weird...

Trouble is these little things are store specific! It's the odds and sods left over, therefore different in each store! Still voted hot though!

thats cheap hot deal

5p? Its got to be a hot deal!

I might even splash out & get 2 !! ;-) voted hot hot hot

I'm going to treat the family!!! ;-)

Jamie Oliver knows nothin' Can feed my family of 4 on 85pon pizza, including the value pizza slicer! Bargain

Ok, I know it's old fashioned, but, what about using a knife?!:oops:
At 5p though this has to be hot.:thumbsup:

Why use a knife when you can have a pizza cutter for 5p?:thumbsup:
Which IMO is easier to use, otherwise they wouldn't sell them specifically lol
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