Tesco value toilet tissue 25p per 6 pack instore @ Tesco Broughton

Tesco value toilet tissue 25p per 6 pack instore @ Tesco Broughton

LocalFound 24th Feb 2017
may be nationwide as the displayed price was on the white background.
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Get in quick before Travelodge buy it all.
I like splashing out.

I don't think this would be any good!
For 25p it could be used as tissue or kitchen roll . Can't be bad at that price.
that's all its worth
There's something about cheap toilet tissue that makes me feel sh*t.
Best stuff for my teenager - she can use the obligatory 4 meters at a time without blocking the loo!
18p in our local tesco
Football fans from the 1970s will be pleased, after all no-one wants to waste Andrex chucking at millionaire footballers.
I can't believe you paid £1 for an organic carrot
Better get yourself some handwash to go with them.
Okay for the bedroom
Not sure why you would treat your bottom with such disrespect.

Okay for the bedroom

I dread to think why?
Gone in 60 seconds
razor sharp...meant hot
Tescos best stuff is sh1t so this must be horrendous! Cushelle rules.
Jesus Christ, is this 2 ply or God forbid...1 ply?!

I lost some close friends to a tragic 1 ply incident in a Bradford curry house in the 90's...RIP Kevin and Dave.
65p in Dundee
Do they come with a free block of cheese
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