Tesco Value Toothbrush 2 Pack
Tesco Value Toothbrush 2 Pack

Tesco Value Toothbrush 2 Pack

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I have done it again, yes I have found yall something real HOT at a real cheap price, a double pack of tooth brushes for a real steal only 17p WOW.

I know there are some real dirty guys out there who dont even brush their teeth, so I guess this deal is not for you, but dont hate and vote as cold just because you dont brush your tooth thats your own fault.

You cant beat this deal HOT all the way. YES!!!!!!!


suppose they are a good buy for cleaning plugs and small things. I'll stick with a more up market brush for my mouth.


Stop voting Cold! People who need toothbrushes will love this! It's a fantastic price for not one, but TWO teeth cleaning devices!

Voted HOT!

Well I gave it some heat on account of it not being as bad as your previous efforts but that hasn't saved it from the cryogenic chiller. Now if you had been able to add 500 tesco points/free delivery you might have had more success. Still buy through quidco for a bonus.


Yessss. Thank you crank_that

As my teeth are real dirty i can afford too buy loads of these, instead of buy like 2 aquafresh ones i can buy like 15 of these

17p is great value - just to have some spares around for guests who have forgotten their own (probably far superior) toothbrush.

Voted hot!

Wow, if i really desperately needed a toothbrush real cheap i'd probably get these. Gotta rate hot simply for the directions for use: Visit your dentist regularly lol.

Good to keep in for an emergency (i.e. power cut so can't use electric one, guests etc) but other than that will stick to usual one!

Voted hot for price!


Holy ****

I gets to brush my teeth now, but now i have the toothbrush what about the toothpaste?


who's dog;1466677

Holy ****I gets to brush my teeth now, but now i have the toothbrush what … Holy ****I gets to brush my teeth now, but now i have the toothbrush what about the toothpaste?

Who's dog is big in the game

heat given as these are great for throwing in a case for holidays overnight trips etc, and as someone else said cleaning jobs, great for getting into the little gaps on my horses tack and fancy bits on shoes where shoe brushes are too soft

These are great value and really good.

Just not to use on your gnashers!
For cleaning dog muck out of your shoe soles. and other cleaning jobs.

As for putting these anywhere near my mouth forget it if you have used one of these you will know why - they are as stiff as wire brushes and would rip your mouth to shreds. You only get one set of teeth so investing in a quality brush is a wise investment.

To give you an idea of how stiff they are I have used them for stripping paint and varnish from intricate bits of furniture after a coat of nitromors when restoring older pieces to their former glory!

Voting warm as they are not fit for their intended use but think outside the box and you have a cheap cleaning tool!

Original Poster Banned

BTB's for everyone

Original Poster Banned

im loving the BTB'S, how about you?

not for me but voted hot as so cheap:thumbsup:

This will clean your front teeth beautifully...won't touch the back ones so you'll stink, but those front ones??? Mwah!

These are perfect for cleaning my alloy wheels with! They are MUCH cheaper than dedicated brushes (rip-off) and are the perfect width between the spokes - good find :thumbsup:

great for cleaning other things rather than teeth too... gona buy a stack of these for hard to reach places on my car. (tho one i've been using has seen better days.)
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