Tesco VGA webcam £0.20 at Tesco Homeplus

Tesco VGA webcam £0.20 at Tesco Homeplus

LocalFound 9th May 2013
found in my local Chelmsford store. these clearances are happening throughout all stores, not just store specific.
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Store specific, sorry it's a lottery draw
Edited by: "leeparsons" 9th May 2013
These were stickered at £2 in the Homeplus store I was in yesterday.
These are in Coventry stores and probably bit more widespread than some Tesco deals.

Be warned though this has NO MICROPHONE!
Who uses VGA anyways?

These were stickered at £2 in the Homeplus store I was in yesterday.

Pretty sure I saw a few stickered at £2 in Silverburn, Glasgow store the other day as well.

Who uses VGA anyways?

poor people
0.20 for webcam .... great
VGA webcam ... cr ap
can you really grumble about it being VGA for 20p? Will def be of use for some people, maybe do for an old computer the kids use???
Cheap CCTV
Hot! I'd buy it, plug it in and let my niece make faces at the computer for hours, she'd love it and at 2 year old she isn't gonna complain about quality

Cheap CCTV

VGA for CCTV? be like watching the pixelated tosh they try to catch people on crime watch with, you know the ones who could look like your Granny if you squint and look sidewards.

Good find for kiddies though.

Can't be any worse than the videos on Crimewatch
Standard CCTV camera's are a lower resolution than VGA with only a composite output, so these will actually be a higher quality.

Also fine for making home movies in the bedroom department if that's your thing, the lack of resolution is better than any makeup

Cheap CCTV

I cant get this to work with ZoneMinder on Ubuntu unfortunately.
Works OK on Ubuntu (Cheese), but not with ZoneMinder or Monitor :-(
Bargain! Who cares about the quality, at that price it's the cheapest way to make your own Matrix bullet time scene.

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