Tesco - Whole side of wild salmon only £2.50

Tesco - Whole side of wild salmon only £2.50

Found 2nd Jan 2010Made hot 2nd Jan 2010
Was in Tesco's today and in the frozen section, they have whole sides of wild Chum salmon for just £2.50. These are in Christmas packaging ( the image is last years, this years box is green ). These are really quite tasty, and this variety of salmon is slightly drier than the farmed stuff, but you can happily feed three to four people with one of these. Dont know if its online



Which side, left or right?

or back?

wouldn't even let the cat near it..

Any cheap Santa suits going, if so it would go down a treat on the bus

great!! will look tomorrow!!!


Any cheap Santa suits going, if so it would go down a treat on the bus

Lookin good Billy Ray.8)

Voted cold as i had one earlier this year and it was absolute filth! I dont know what it tasted like but it was nothing like salmon.
Maybe it was filled with chum?...pedigree chum
Save your money or buy some shippams salmon paste which tastes more like the real thing......
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Deal seems a bit fishy to me....

Wild - aye right!

these taste lovely!

More like bloody furious!!

I bought 2 "cod" and 2 "salmon" just after Christmas, both are absolutely vile, I have seen nicer looking cat food. I just ate peas and potato last night rather than actually eating any of this "salmon" muck. When we had the "cod" we thought that it was just a one off or that we had cooked it too much or something, so just dismissed it. In view of the "salmon" being equally bad three boxes were returned to Tesco this morning.
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