Tesco Workmate-Style Work Bench - £1.49 @ Tesco (Instore)

Tesco Workmate-Style Work Bench - £1.49 @ Tesco (Instore)

Found 27th Sep 2011
Tesco Workmate-style Work Bench with clamps, £1.49 instore. At least a dozen at York Clifton Moor store, probably others too?

£9.99 on Tesco direct.
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WOW.Great deal!
Stock went in most stores when around twice the price. Got one then, still in box, lol.
Super hot at this price.

My store had theirs at £10 when others were selling at £5, perhaps I can pick one up now for a fiver!!
Damn it- I got this when at £4.99! Good value product, used it on the weekend and worked well.
They still had stock in LLansamlet store in Swansea Last night in the clearance sale section by the toys. Handy for hubby xmas pressie!
What kind of Tesco is this? Our Tesco Extra only has 20ft of shelves for everything to do with tools and DIY, certainly no workbenches.
" . . . probably others too?" - you mean maybe. That's being charitable.

" . . . probably others too?" - you mean maybe. That's being charitable.

No, I mean probably. Or, given cazwelsh's comment, definitely. Don't be so bitter that your local Tesco's is crap...

Allenkj - it is one of the larger Tesco extras, has a full isle of paint, DIY, etc. Sells things like electrical cable and outlets too, the other Extra store in York doesn't so I'd guess it would have to be one of the bigger ones..
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Tesco Extra (Llantrisant) have Power Force versions at £3.75 if it helps anyone. About 8 available this afternoon.
Tesco Instore.... hmmmm ... cold.
I thought I was doing well at £3.50.
Cracking deal.
I really can't be bothered ordering one as Tesco will only cancel it.
Argh I was in York clifton Moor store today and didnt see them
Not in the Shoreham-by-Sea (Holmbush centre) Tesco Extra :-(
I don't eat eggs so cold. However hot weather all over Europe i believe.
Lots of these at Tesco St Rollox, Glasgow... Just purchased one.
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