Tesco world cup offers
Tesco world cup offers

Tesco world cup offers

Sfc Footy Combination 600G was £5 now £2.50
3 pizza's for £5
Doritos Flamin' Cheeseball 225G BOGOF £1.58
Budweiser 4x440ml cans £4
Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted Cones 4 X 130Ml half price now 99p
coca cola 3 for £3
plus more......


Thanks, Mother's going to Tesco tomorrow so I'll let her know about these!

All good healthy food.

Seriously though, 4 x 440ml cans of Budweiser for £4.00 is an offer!

I think they must definitely be relying on some sort of fever pitch gullibility.


Got the 3 pizzas for £5 the other day and they are the worst pizzas I have tasted in a long time. Cheap horrible base and plastic processed cheese.

Budweiser 4 x 440 for £4, having a laugh or what? Stone cold. If you want Bud go to Asda only £3 for a 4 pack there mysupermarket.co.uk/asd…tml
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