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Tesco Bank is one of the UK’s most popular providers of bank accounts, insurance, mortgages, loans and credit cards. They also offer plenty of discounts and interest free packages, as well as bonus ClubCard points for customers to use. All of the latest Tesco Bank deals can be found at HotUKDeals as soon as they are announced. Read more

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0% Fee 0% Interest Balance Transfer Credit Card up to 22 Months @ Tesco Bank
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
If you've got balances on other cards and you're paying a higher rate of interest, then our 0% Balance Transfer Fee Card could make the difference. 0% interes t on balance tran… Read more

They got a good app? Tesco bank app is brilliant need a similar one :)


(Don't really want this to hit my credit history for £1200 when I have over 10x that that I want to transfer)


Hi folks got quite a lot to transfer. Are some cards better than others at giving larger amounts?


Yes I agree, not good for you because you don't have a debt and good for those who have debt. It's always better not to use CC unless needed Also, it's not about just spending but a budget management like playing whether you have debt or not. Sometime something comes up and which we can't let go and here we land for these offers. (y)


why even make your first comment then (poo)

Tesco credit card 0% balance transfers for 32 months, 0.99% fee
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Tesco credit card 0% balance transfers for 32 months, 0.99% fee
Hi all… this deal from Tesco Bank is another good option for people with existing debts who need a lengthy 0% period but don’t want to pay a massive fee to get it. Tesco’s bala… Read more
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Better being drunk when applying than when using it (highfive)


I’m worried about your gambling habit now


IDK if you're some Apple diehard fan all I'm saying is Tesco need to treat both systems equally like other banks having just looked at the star ratings it's clear that they do and even if they're just ported over apps they seem to be doing better than the tesco one is. I like both systems but it's just a bit unfair for the customer that one bank to favour another OS over another.


Yeah I am? If they don't work simply contact the bank and they'll try to help you fix the issue, in my personal experience Tesco has just avoided the fact and just keeps saying reinstall the app. Just looking at the reviews it seems apps work but Tesco just don't like the android ecosystem or have a deal with apple (poo)


Yup, almost all android devices have NFC and that's all you need and it works fine, only devices that don't have NFC where I live are the super low budget ones around $50.

Tesco Bank credit card 36 months 0% balance transfers and money transfers
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Tesco Bank credit card 36 months 0% balance transfers and money transfers
Hi all, if you’re looking for a balance transfer credit card, Tesco Bank is offering the longest 0% period in the market (as far as I can see). Tesco’s balance transfer card offe… Read more
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It did take the best part of a month to come through, right enough...


Ah cool - heard some bad things about the Sainsbury's one in terms of time it takes to process, odd credit limits etc. so ending up applying for a Tesco 0% purchase card which got promptly approved (helped that I have another card with them too) and decent credit limit too, with the option to swap the limit of my previous card to this one - now just waiting and hoping that it comes quickly so I can use it to buy the stuff needed, the builders are after my life as they wait on the appliances ;)


My understanding is that this is 0% on transfers. You would want to get 0% on purchases (I did exactly this with a Sainsbury's credit card for my new kitchen a few months ago). :) Edit: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sainsburys-bank-credit-card-0-on-purchases-for-28-months-nectar-points-2949538


I was going to ask about this, actually. Stupid question, but... When the credit card companies say "Up to 36 months on balance transfers." Is that 36 months interest free, 36 months that you can transfer balances for, or... Something completely different? I'd like to think the former, but I just don't know! TIA!


I am looking for a 0% APR card to spread out the cost of a kitchen refurbishment - can someone please suggest if this is the best card to purchase on and then pay over a few months with no interests to boot or are there better options? Please spare me the don't fall into the credit debt trap comments as I know what I am doing - have plenty of cash parked in other investments which I don't want to break if I can rather have a 0% option, but still appreciate your concerns. Thanks for any help.

Tesco Bank credit card 36 months 0% on balance transfers, 2.69% fee
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Tesco Bank credit card 36 months 0% on balance transfers, 2.69% fee
If credit card debts are getting on top of you and you need a nice, long balance transfer deal to ease the pain, this card from Tesco Bank is worth checking out. The Tesco Bank ba… Read more
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I think in answer to your question people are looking at it as its Tesco so I will vote cold regardless. Just like when a apple deal is posted


Brilliant card and cashback via Tesco Clubcard.


Why is this cold? Seen a few posted in the past and they were all hot. Heat from me.


good all round card, i would suggest better than MBNA! you have just posted!

Tesco Purchases Credit Card - 0% interest period on purchases for up to 28 months - earn Clubcard points + get £21 cashback from TCB/ Quidco
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Tesco Purchases Credit Card - 0% interest period on purchases for up to 28 months - earn Clubcard points + get £21 cashback from TCB/ Quidco
With this Purchases credit card, you won't have to pay interest on purchases up to 28 months - and will earn Tesco Clubcard points on purchases . You can get slightly longer… Read more
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appeal it via Support Claim I had £50 odd declined the other day on car insurance, appealed it and it has gone to confirmed


My cashback from tcb got declined even though my application has gone through successfully.


Better wait for 20 years to buy my house then. Oh wait i've saved the money and its gone up another £50,000. sometimes you have to borrow


I know it’s subject to individual personal circumstances but has anyone applied & been accepted for this card? What credit limit were you offered? Genuine responses only please. Thanks OP.


Its getting ridiculous .. soon you'll have a CC for most institutions banks BS shops . can you pay off your Council tax on these? I know some councils charge 2.6% ish but does the transaction count as cash advance ? v handy if you can

Tesco Bank, five-year fixed rate mortgage 2.01%, no arrangement fee, 60% LTV, plus Clubcard points
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Tesco Bank, five-year fixed rate mortgage 2.01%, no arrangement fee, 60% LTV, plus Clubcard points
Tesco Bank has launched a new range of mortgage products with some either being for house purchase or remortgagers. The best ones are five-year fixes with no arrangement fee. For… Read more
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Currently remortgaging through L&C onto a Coventry BS mortgage 5yr fix @ 2.19 with a 499 fee however no ERC and unlimited over payments. Happy to pay the fee to be able to exit the mortgage at any time if I need to move.. porting is an utter nightmare with some banks esp Santander so beware! This deal is for max 60pc ltv btw.



I got the same info about the 3 or 4 months thing, it got very complicated on whether I could or couldn’t, but eventually worked out that I couldn’t!! Fingers crossed, if I find anything I’ll take a screen grab n post it here


Worth a look, that’s from a search this morning but not sure how good the lender is


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1000 FREE Clubcard Points for 60 seconds work!
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
I called Tesco bank today to check on a transaction and the advisor asked if I wanted to receive 1000 points for 60 seconds work, filled out the required info as asked. Tesco are… Read more
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Well I can confirm the points have been added!


6 weeks later, Sir you're a cock!


I can confirm I have just received 1000 together with a Scotty Dog called Bobby and a canteen of cutlery!!! Isn't it amazing how many biscuits are named after revolutionaries, you've got your Garibaldi and you're Bourbon and then the Peak Freen Trotski assortment (those who know will know)


found this from 2016, varying 75-125 points quite a big jump to 1000! https://www.shopperpoints.co.uk/2016/09/22/100-free-clubcard-points-when-giving-tesco-your-insurance-renewal-date/


I'll be amazed if I receive 1000 points for doing that, their database didn't even recognise my postcode.

Build your credit rating with the Tesco Foundation Credit Card @ TescoBank, with cashback £45.45 TCB or £45 Quidco
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Build your credit rating with the Tesco Foundation Credit Card @ TescoBank, with cashback £45.45 TCB or £45 Quidco
Build your credit rating with the Tesco Foundation Credit Card, with cashback £45.45 TCB or £45 Quidco Maybe this will help for someone who need to build a credit rating. I… Read more

These Quidco jokers think they can trick customers easily! the cashback was declined after waiting for 4 months and very long conversation with their crappy CS via email. They claim that Tesco bank who declined the cashback because I did violate the T&C, bullocks! and Tesco won't tell them what exactly I did wrong! I then contacted Tesco, surprisingly they said we have nothing to do with the cashback decision, its all Quidco's. I got back to the Quidco jokers telling them either you or Tesco not telling the truth! they said sorry we can't go further with this case! In conclusion, as a customer I have the right to know why my £45 were declined, is there any institution I can speak with to teach these jokers a lesson? Thanks for reading 😁


Today I received £29 cash back for the credit card. better than nothing I suppose but still not the £45 oh well ps tha5 was quidico


Got this email; Unfortunately they have declined your claim advising us that the order number you have provided on the claim form doesn't match an order purchased using Quidco. This could mean that the order details submitted on the claim form weren't correct or that the purchase wasn't made by clicking directly through from Quidco. As we will not be receiving the commission from the retailer, we are unable to pass this on to you as cashback. We do share your disappointment and we're sorry that we're unable to help further on this occasion What to do?


Managed to get a claim raised for the £45 cashback... its currently going through. had to do via email support and provide part of card number etc, glad didn't close account. Fingers crossed !


£39 confirmed nice one

Tesco Bank, 95% LTV mortgage, two-year fix at 3.94%, zero fee, Clubcard points
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Another 95% mortgage for people with just 5% deposit or equity. Tesco Bank has a two-year fix at 3.94%, fixed for two years. There’s no fee and you get free valuation. The deal i… Read more
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When I was taking my mortgage I had an offer from my bank (Natwest), another one from Barclays and ended up with my broker offer from Halifax. Nothing will be made by the bank (like valuation) unless I accept the offer. All I want is to secure a good rate. From this what I know they will automatically valuate my house + amount I want to borrow = LTV% and offer can be made. Then if I accept it they will start the process (valuation etc). It looked that way when I was applying for my mortgage, the initial value of my house (to calculate LTV% and get rates) was the price I wanted to pay for it and then when I accepted it they have done valuation just to confirm my house is worth as much as I want to borrow. Am I wrong at any point ?


You might want to check terms. As I'm sure if you reject the offer any fees included as part of remortgage I.e. valuation or any part of any conveyancing work done todate becomes payable. Also if you reject and reapply in April how long will you have to get your new offer in place prior to old product ends


Bank gonna issue me an offer in January for remortgage valid for six months. I can take it or leave it, they don't care unless I accept it. In april/may I will check the market for a better option, if not found I'm gonna accept the one I already have. That is the plan 8) PS: as it will be my first remortgage I might be wrong about the way it works but it should be pretty straightforward imo


As in pay the mortgage off and then take a new mortgage! There is a big problem with that though! Generally you need the new mortgage to pay off the existing! If you apply for a new one they will know you have the existing. Unless you have a spare hundred grand sitting around. Mortgages are not structured like credit cards where you can take on a new one and then decide to pay off the existing one. The banks will pay the solicister not you. And on a mortgage application they will know you have an existing so will not lend you the money unless you remortgage. Your best bet is to pay off the mortgage quicker by making over payments if you can. No interest is due on extra payments you have made


Thanks for the info, good to know about FD too (y) Would be a bit difficult to remortgage with 95% LTV :D I was looking at their other options

2500 Clubcard Points when taking out Home Insurance @ Tesco Bank
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
As above. 2500 clubcard points when taking out home insurance with Tesco Use code as in image Says cannot use comparison sites but it doesn't say you cannot use £45 Quidco!!! Ju… Read more

Unfortunately, they have declined your claim because during your transaction a discount/voucher code or loyalty/gift card was used. This could include staff discount, family or friends loyalty codes, or membership discount being applied to your order. As stated in the terms and conditions on the retailers page, only codes issued on the Quidco site are accepted in conjunction with cashback offers. Still, £100 in Bella Italia trump's £45 in cash for me ;)


Though Quidco then declined so raised claim. However, if they say cant use both, I have the better of the two I think as 2500 points is £100 in Bella Italia ;o)


Points added


Not yet. They told me on phone to expect them in my November statement.


Did the tesco points ever go on?

Tesco bank mortgage 1.68% five year fix (60%ltv) £995 fee
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
Tesco bank mortgage 1.68% five year fix (60%ltv) £995 fee
From mse Tesco Bank has launched the new lowest five-year fixed-rate mortgage on the market – at 1.68% with a £995 fee if you borrow 60% of your home's value when you remortgage. … Read more

I know you asked for professional advice, but I'd say that it's not just property prices you'd want to consider over 5yrs, but also interest rates and the benefits of being certain of your outgoings from a budgeting perspective. Personally, I'd expect that there will be a downward pressure on property prices in the most volatile regions and sectors (e.g. London high value) but over 5yrs I'd expect prices to be up (maybe way up) on where they are today. If the pound stays weak the pressure is on to raise interest rates, both to counter inflation (though this would largely be due to high import prices) and also to attract international funds to attract hot money (which moves to where interest rates are more attractive).


I am/was in the process of applying for the same product at 1.82% I called them on Saturday and they're happy to send a new offer for 1.68% As a result you've saved me £11/month, so £660 in total. So very, very grateful <3 8) :)


​im not a mortgage adviser but Ive always been with Nationwide. With your figures as a new customer they would offer you a 2 year fixed @ 1.59% with no fee. same rate for a 2 year tracker with no fee. A 5 year is 2.09% no fee. my advice would be to leave your current provider as they are not competetive! my other advice would be to take a tracker for 2 years that has no early repayment charge and get it hammered with overpayments!


If you repay your existing mortgagee before the end of the fixed rate period, you'll almost certainly have a penalty - check your documentation. I doubt that Tesco will hold the funds for you for nearly five months if you are re-mortgaging - but it only takes a call to find out. You could always contact a broker like the earlier poster (but check his credentials if you do take specific advice from him/her outside these forums).


How long before your fixed rate ends should you apply for a new mortgage? Mine ends on 31 October 2017 and this deal would be ideal.

0% interest on purchases 30 months - Second longest ever 0% purchase credit card @ Tesco Bank **No Referrals**
Found 8th May 2017Found 8th May 2017
0% interest on purchases 30 months - Second longest ever 0% purchase credit card @ Tesco Bank **No Referrals**
Need-to-knows - Not all those accepted will be offered the full 30 months – some will be offered 24 or 18 months at 0%. - You get Clubcard points on your spending – one point for … Read more

spotted the other day that the referral form wasn't there, wouldn't be surprised if they had ended it


Hi all, does anyone know if Tesco are still doing the referral scheme? The link to the form no longer works. I do have a copy of the form (used it before) but it'll be pointless uploading it if they have ended the scheme!


Can you top up revolut card and pay later?


So last month I discovered a cock up on behalf of Tesco bank. They charged me £80.09 interest on an interest free balance transfer I've had for months. They refunded it to my credit card but not back to my bank. I was compensated £25 to my bank accout but still out of pocket to the tune if £50 for the month. Just had my latest statement and they are about to charge me £77.67 interest this month on the interest free balance transfer amount. Apparently this is for last month before they corrected the error made when they were supposed to reinstate the balance transfer interst free facility. Why was this not adjusted when they reinstated the balance transfer? Instead they are going to take £77.67 which once taken they can't refund back to my bank and leave me £77.67 short for living on again. This is appalling. It's abuse of the direct debit. The amount is incorrect and I've just been told as it's been generated it can't be adjusted on the bill. So although it will be refunded and come off my credit card bill I won't get it back in my bank so I'm force to make a higher payment than I should be which puts me in a mess for the second time. If that direct debit amount isn't corrected and is taken I will be making a very loud complaint. They are helping themselves to my hard earned money without my permission. Just spoke to the 24 hour customer services who of course can't help me so at the end of a long night shift I have to stay up to call operations finance. I am livid Tesco bank for goodness sake get it sorted and stop taking large amounts you aren't entitled to from my bank ultimately forcing me to use a credit card to buy food and incur interest on that use. Items I would have been buying with money taken incorrectly from my bank account. I've been put through unbelievable stress over this. I took the direct debit option to avoid mistakes with payment thus avoiding stress as I have a health condition where stress has a severe effect on me physically. Here I am stressed to the eyeballs and in severe pain thanks to the very thing I put in place to avoid stress. £77.67 is a lot of money to me as I'm sure it is most people.


Right I'm with you so the 60 days is to cover them after the 0% promotional period has ended and if you continue to use the card after that period

50% off Pet Insurance Tesco bank Accident  & Injury
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
50% off Pet Insurance Tesco bank Accident & Injury
Good basic pet insurance including public liability (springer spaniel £34.80 for the year, I choose £60 excess) States as Accident and Injury. Super bonus Quidco £50 cash back for … Read more
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cashback is only for standard, extra or premier policies. you wont get cashback for accident and injury cover.


if u get pet insurance it needs to be a least 2 grand cos anything less wouldn't touch the sides


Be very careful with Pet insurance. The first company you choose is vitally important as it is difficult to change and providers that will cover pre existing conditions once you have made a claim. We chose AXA thinking they were a safe bet and second in the charts behind market leaders PetPlan who were slightly more expensive. All well for first two years until AXA pulled out of the pet insurance market and sold the order book to NCL. They were obliged to continue cover but as we had made claims for skin problems we are now at their mercy.


I checked out my springer cross at £150 pa I am currently on petplan at three times that!! The policies were as similar as I could make them. This is worth researching if you are ready to buy.


if your interested take the time to read the plan and policy.

Tesco Bank Current Account - 3% AER - reopened for applications
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
Tesco Bank Current Account - 3% AER - reopened for applications
Looks like Tesco are reopening applications for their Current Account with 3% interest. Sadly they've applied some more conditions to receiving it for new applications: Current Ac… Read more

Asked them today and got this reply.... "your second application would be considered a new application and therefore the new criteria would be applicable. If you opened the account you currently have before the new rules then there will be no changes to that account. However, for any new applications, including secondary accounts, the new rules will apply, I hope that makes sense!


Good idea but unfortunately I have nothing like that...I think I've got it worked out though. I remember I had an old post office savings account which has a direct debit function , so I am going to re-open one of those specifically for this purpose (all the t&c's suggest it's the same as before but I will see...) For the second I will put the interest + a few pound into Ratesetter and for the third I will either feed my LISA monthly or give it to a charity. I wish I had just opened a second account now before they added all these hoops to jump through


If you have any monthly credit card payments (Netflix or similar) move them to a credit card (ideally a dormant one you have), then set up a monthly direct debit to pay in full?


Has anyone got any crafty ideas for paying the DD's? I worked out ( I think, if my sums are correct) that if you're forced to pay £3 per month to charities the effective rate is 2.3% which is still pretty good, but one or two DD's funding your own accounts could raise it.


You are correct!

Tesco current account pays 3% AER on savings balances up to £3,000 guaranteed from April 2017 - April 2019
Found 5th Feb 2017Found 5th Feb 2017
Tesco current account pays 3% AER on savings balances up to £3,000 guaranteed from April 2017 - April 2019
Best saving rate on the market. It pays an attractive 3% on balances of up to £3,000, and there are no requirements for customers to pay in a minimum amount (ie their salary or pen… Read more

Same here. Let's see if it's back to normal next month.


How strange?


It's been credited now. Credited on the 8th, but the transaction shows as being done on the 7th. Cheeky of them to not notify customers affected of late payment. An email costs nothing and potentially saves a load of people phoning in. Glad I do not use the current account as a proper current account!


I'm in the same position as you. The last two months it has been paid on the 7th, nothing today. Will check in tomorrow. This is an account opened before they stipulated the 3 x Direct Debits and minimum pay in.


Thanks for the replies. There is something amiss then. If it does not show in the morning, I will call them.

Free Life Insurance for New Parents up to £20,000 no strings Tesco Bank
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Free Life Insurance for New Parents up to £20,000 no strings Tesco Bank
Was just browsing looking for a new life insurance provider and found this gem for new parents. If you pass away before your child turns 1 then Tesco will provide £10K per parent.… Read more
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Order one from China. Pretty sure GearBest sells.


​​​Post office is 50% more than tesco. I think it's a no brainer the tesco deal is cold


Not exactly COLD is it? Its still a great deal.


Terms also indicate parents aged 18-66, so Mick Jagger is out of luck! :)


And the Post Office is also an Aviva product, so you can't have that and the Tesco Bank offer (or rather you can, but Aviva would only pay out on one of them).

Longest ever 0% purchase credit card 28 month @ Tesco Bank, there are longer balance transfer cards but this is for Purchases:)
Found 20th Sep 2016Found 20th Sep 2016
Longest ever 0% purchase credit card 28 month @ Tesco Bank, there are longer balance transfer cards but this is for Purchases:)
Longest ever interest free period card, as with many of these things some may not get the full 28 months more details in comment 1 credit to MSE for the additional info Longest cl… Read more

Any more feedback on this? All good no problems? Any quidco option, I only see bank transfer ones. I plan to use this to pay for a villa through PayPal, and also purchase dollars through fair fx. Anyone know if this is likely to cause an issue? They seem to be purchases to me Thanks


Late here but I applied and got accepted. £3,300 limit! Never got any confirmation email etc I just logged into the Tesco bank page and see my details in there now. I guess the card will be on it's way!


Going to call them now. Lol


Application done. Move from Capital One hopefully


I've never had a credit card before, so excuse the possibly stupid question: if the central banks raise interest rates, does Tesco have a legal right to increase the rate of this product before the 28-month term ends? -or before any other period of time? I don't want to get burned, but this would really help me out with a bigger purchase which I am good for and could re-pay within 6 months. Cheers!

21 months 0% interest period on purchases Credit Card @ Tesco Bank +  Possible  £30.30 TCB!
Found 15th Jul 2016Found 15th Jul 2016
21 months 0% interest period on purchases Credit Card @ Tesco Bank + Possible £30.30 TCB!
Here's the blurb... No interest to pay on purchases for the first 21 months. Earn Clubcard points wherever you use your card, plus your usual points in Tesco Terms apply. 0% inter… Read more
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Well, that's not true. I set up an account with Tesco Bank whilst not being employed and had no ties to their banking branch. Now credit cards, that's another matter, but I'm looking for facts on this not conjecture. I think I'll hold off till I'm in work.


Tesco bank,like most other financial institutions won't accept you if you aren't working,unless of course you already bank with them Edit: says you must have an annual income of at least 5k , so maybe if you get disability benefits to the tune of £5000 if you're not working


I'm not sure to be honest with not working. No problem regarding the Tesco banking though. Try one of the eligibility probability searches on money saving expert to estimate your chances of success. You can have 2 tesco credit cards also so in theory you could do the cash back twice.​


So if you're a Tesco Banking customer, there should be no issues getting this card then? My credit is fine but I'm not in work at the mo. I could hold off till I'm earning again so I know I'll get accepted, but I'd prefer to get it out of the way.


​I get cards purely for the cash back. 1 every 6 months. Free money really. I don't actually use it. I'm classed as a new Tesco customer again now so ordered again. No problems last time. Thanks op.

39 months with no interest to pay on balance transfers @ Tesco Bank (£29 Quidco)
Found 15th Jul 2016Found 15th Jul 2016
39 months with no interest to pay on balance transfers @ Tesco Bank (£29 Quidco)
Why pay interest when you don't have to? If you've got outstanding balances on other credit cards or store cards and are paying a higher rate of interest, you could save money by t… Read more

Credit cards can be rather odd. My sister earns way more than me and is in a more established profession, yet she was offered only £1200 with the Tesco credit card and rejected by the AA card. She was accepted by Virgin and given the maximum. I wonder how they work out who to reject and who to accept because there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern.


What's the maximum amount you can transfer with the Tesco card? The Fluid credit card was good for doing a balance transfer and then transferring the money to a bank account. Only problem is once the account goes to zero, they automatically shut your account.


Is it possible to use to pay off existing bank loans?


You only need to put a tenner (not even that !) on your cc card for the extra section 75 protection a purchased item that costs more than £100 and less than £30k , I would imagine any cc card would give you this . I used First Direct recently for a claim under section 75 for my car purchase earlier this year and it was dealt with efficiently by them. I did have a rock solid claim though and got paid out £900 for a new clutch and flywheel for a 2nd hand car ( clutch was slightly slipping within days of buying it ) - good job for section 75 as the dealer didn't want to know ! ;) PS - Make sure you are issued with a receipt to state that the part payment by CC is part of the car purchase and therefore no dispute can arise as to what the cc payment was for , this I believe is quite important.


I find credit cards a minefield. I want to buy a car, I have all the money for the car, I just want a credit card for the extra protection, are there any cards which would suit me (without any fees). Any help greatly appreciated.

2 Year 0% Balance Transfer Fee Free Credit Card + possible £31.50 cashback  @ Tesco Bank
Found 8th Jul 2016Found 8th Jul 2016
2 Year 0% Balance Transfer Fee Free Credit Card + possible £31.50 cashback @ Tesco Bank
Tesco have moved their fee free balance transfer card from 21 months to 24 months - so 2 years 0% with no fee. Best 2 year fee free balance transfer deal in my opinion as no addi… Read more
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Happy days! Played this offer to the full advantage. As I already have Tesco cc I have referred my wife, got £33.30 TCB plus 1000 clubcard points each. Then she referred me so I applied for my second Tesco cc, again £33.30 TBC plus 1000 points each. All confirmed and applied to relevant accounts :) Cheers OP!


I've just done it and was thinking the same thing - I haven't swopped cards in a while and thought it would offer something like £3000 or £4000, I also got offered 19K - god grief! - I might ring them and get them to reduce it once it's set-up.


How hot is this? £30 cashback + my girlfriend will reffer me so we both get 1000 Clubcard Points!


Great deal; Thank you OP. I had a balance on another CC which was coming to the end of it's 0% period. Applied for the Tesco CC and got 19k credit limit in 5 minutes, wow! They also accepted the transfer from my other CC. A bit worrying that banks are giving out so much 'free' (before anyone jumps on this I mean 0% for 2 years) cash; trends of pre-2008 lending! My CC is going in the safe so that I am not tempted by the remaining 13k available credit on it. You get 3 months 0% balance transfers and also 1 month 0% on all purchases!


phone customer service and ask - nothing to lose