Tesco.com Car Insurance - 3 months free

Tesco.com Car Insurance - 3 months free

Found 28th Nov 2008
If you're looking to renew your Car Insurance and you aren't currently with Tesco then this deal is fantastic - it's Exclusive to Clubcard customers who buy online before 10th December 2008

PLUS earn 1 Clubcard point for every £2

¹Excludes Value Car Insurance. New customers only.

My renewal quotes were £600+ EVERYWHERE but have just left Direct Line and taken out a policy with Tesco for £473.

Hope this helps someone.


Cant see any reference to this following link given - direct link please?


The quote by tesco's was £25 more expensive than one i got through confused.com.... thats before any cashback as well.. Always worth using a site like confused.com and then checking ALL cashback sites. Some don't offer cashback while others do.

Can I buy a banger smash it up and claim?


Can I buy a banger smash it up and claim?

course you can, just like any other motor policy but you'll no doubt end up worse off money wise.

Not good. The quote I just had was a few hundred quid more than swiftcover. So that's how you pay for the "free" 3 months.
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