Tesco.com - Free Cadburys Mini Creme Egg Easter Eggs for online customers!
Tesco.com - Free Cadburys Mini Creme Egg Easter Eggs for online customers!

Tesco.com - Free Cadburys Mini Creme Egg Easter Eggs for online customers!

Noticed this on the Tesco.com groceries webpage today when I went to do my online shopping, something for nothing-and chocolate too! Worth £1.09

Happy Easter from Tesco.com
Cuddly bunnies, fluffy chicks, yummy eggs - we love Easter and there's no better time for a little treat.
As a small token of our appreciation for being such a loyal customer, we'd like to offer you a pack of chocolate mini eggs to enjoy this Easter.
To receive your free mini eggs simply click on the 'add to basket' button on the right and your free mini eggs will then be added to your basket.
Enjoy your chocolate mini eggs and have a Happy Easter from


not showing on my homepage :-(

Sometimes only some customers can use these offers (experience from last years free hot cross buns at easter, and mince pies at xmas)


not on my site!!:x
But Tuna still 10P:thumbsup:

Thanks, I've just ordered them for my next delivery.

Voted hot for those it applies to. Thanks

Certainly not on my Tesco web pages they're not free

not on my webpage either

Its on our homepage, Woohoo free mini eggs

Thx MrsTel

Checked and not showing for me.

Wonder why some people get it and others dont? I had the hot cross buns but not the mince pies, and now not the chocolate.

Original Poster Banned

Just got mine delivered, I wonder how long I will be able to keep them unopened for??!?!? mmmmmmmmmm

how do I get to these freebies? My mum does the tesco online... Do you actually have to search or will it pop up somewhere obvious?

Free for me.
Voted hot.

no sign of eggs on my site

sounds like a good deal so well done for spotting it.
I'm annoyed with stupid tesco though i've had no end of orders from them but they didnt give me free eggs !! thats rubbish they should treat everyone the same !!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO to tesco !!! :-(

Does it have to be groceries? I've thrown a small fortune their way in other departments of late.

Non on mine.

not on mine either
im right annoyed, they always get my orders wrong and I end up ringing to sort out their mistakes everytime I order!! they least they could do is give me some free eggs!

not on mine either :'(
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