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6 months unlimited calls to UK landlines for £3 at Tesco International Calling
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
If you download the Tesco International Calling app and top up with the minimum £3 in store, you'll be able to make calls to UK landlines for 0p/mind. Uses data so needs to be done… Read more

It used to be a Oz based company behind it, any +44 is classed as UK unlike our great UK telcos


The £3 credit expires, unless you top up before the 6 months are up. If you top up again, the original £3 won't expire for another 6 months. So long as your credit doesn't expire, the offer goes on. And you'll keep building up credit.


Can't see this deal on their website? What happens after 6 months, is it another £3 or more?


Only if you use their dial through number. Calls on WiFi or mobile data don't incur a connection fee.


No, it's completely separate from Tesco mobile. Anyone can use it.

FREE CALLS TO 01, 02 & 03 NUMBERS + FREE MESSAGING anywhere in the world on Tesco ICC
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
FREE CALLS TO 01, 02 & 03 NUMBERS + FREE MESSAGING anywhere in the world on Tesco ICC
Free Landline calls in UK and Free SMS to ANYWHERE in the world Quite useful providing you have internet and it uses your phone number as caller ID which is strawberry on top. … Read more
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I use Tesco app for years and call quality is just fine, as all SIP providers offers. Better quality on Apple iPhone, worst on Android. But I ca't complain as never paid for calls, as when £1 finishes, I just register new number and have £1 again, plus free calls to landlines.


Sorry cold from me, a betamax service called freevoipdeal is just over a euro a minute and you get 120 days free landlines and and this is crucial it's a sip service so you can use the best android app which is csipsimple, the call quality thru Tesco's app will be garbage as are all these other internet calling apps because the app is resource hungry. Cold from me


Then your point is incorrect. You can join the service and Tesco give you £1 worth of credit, and this lasts for 180 days. Therefore you do not need to topup at all. You can simply let it lapse after the 180 have gone by.


My point is, it isn’t free when you need to top up £6 to get the free calls. That needs to be made clear in the title.


I just register new number and get £1 free :) Doing this for over few years and enjoying free calls.

1p per minute WiFi calls @ tesco international app
Found 20th Aug 2017Found 20th Aug 2017
1p per minute WiFi calls @ tesco international app
I know free roaming has been introduced in to many countries but like us that has just returned from Turkey this does not apply. Basically download the free app and you will be gi… Read more

I'd be interested to know what the SIP settings are for my account so I can use it on my laptop. If anyone has any info, please let me know.


We'd like to know the details on how you call landlines with WhatsApp, which is the purpose of this Tesco app and of Skype Out. Thanks


TBH I'm not sure. I get free unlimited minutes with my contract and it's a push if I use 5 of them. I'm not a big caller.


A quick Google and this only seems to be 60 mins per month and to certain countries? Is that what you're referring to, or is there something better?


I used the Tesco app to call landlines till the free credit ran out. Decided not to renew the credit as: 1. Generally dodgy sound quality with some dropouts when compared with perfect SkypeOut on exactly same wifi or mobile data. 2. Sometimes drops calls completely which is a deal breaker when it took you 20 mins to get through to a human at a call centre. 3. 70% of the time, tone dialling is not recognised, another deal breaker as you need it for navigating call centre menus. There have been no updates to the IOS app I used for a very long time. Tesco should get it's act together if it wants its name on this app.

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Calls to channel islands Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of man mobiles @ 1p per minute - Tesco International Calling
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
Calls to channel islands Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of man mobiles @ 1p per minute - Tesco International Calling
my family friends from Asia were on their 2 week Europe trip. they had brought with themselves a global sim card for their roaming which had a no. beginning 077000 I thought it … Read more

No bad thing that this has a separate thread, fill yer boots! As you say, they are not included in most calling plans and has always been a bit of an anomaly as they look just like other UK numbers, It almost as if the phone companies like it that way, I wonder why!!


I thought the deal pic was a shark lol


just realized that on an original post by seaniboy few weeks ago winchman had already pointed this out in one of their comments. sorry mates..when I initially searched for cheaper options to call Jersey numbers I did not see / find your posts.

Tesco calling app - UK mobiles NOW 1p a minute!
Found 29th Apr 2017Found 29th Apr 2017
Tesco calling app - UK mobiles NOW 1p a minute!
Free £1 sign up bonus too! X) Use via wifi or data. Free UK landlines. Free international texts, replies to your own number/sms inbox. Other host of free international countr… Read more
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Exactly that.


6 month into the "contract", I find I still can't add credit within the app on my android 7.0 phone...


I'm not quite with you - are you saying that you used to be able to select Travel Mode to get call routed via wifi, but that now it does not work? I noticed this today, after trying to use wifi for the very first time - select Travel Mode, try to dial, get message that "It appears you are no longer in an area where roaming charges apply. Do you want to turn off travel mode?" Selecting no, it still attempts to dial the local access number.


Found that I had to select Travel Mode to get call routed via WiFi, just setting Prefer WiFi didn't do it. Used it today for first time for a while and I guess app must have been updated as it now seems to ignore Travel mode after giving me a message that I'm not in a roaming area.


Strange they do else where - maybe sign off as you then ?

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Tesco - FREE calls & texts to China for Chinese New Year - Tesco international calling
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
Tesco - FREE calls & texts to China for Chinese New Year - Tesco international calling
Just got this alert on the app

Lol, standing in Sainsburys at the fridges waiting for a milk stock reply were we ? Mine was within 10 seconds, a slight delay but not major.


Hmm my test text to 2nd mobile did arrive after all, time stamped 4 mins after sending. That'll be good for those quickfire text conversations then!


Very useful if you have family or friends in China.


I text my second mobile and my own mobile both arrived fine, who are you sending to ? UK or abroad ?


Back on topic then, I am trying the app. Made a call, so-so call quality with some ip phone type breakup. Sent a text, it showed sent in the app Messages section but in fact never arrived.

Free UK landline calls with Tesco app
Found 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
Free UK landline calls with Tesco app
I have family in America and usually use this app quite a bit to call them, but had a message today to say that UK calls are now free. Doesn't seem to be any conditions, other than… Read more
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I believe someone's already tried using it abroad via data only without success.


So in short, while you are abroad, pleas euse the option below which will place the call using wifi/data and avoid the roaming charges, the quality will depend upon the internet speed: You can however select ‘Travel Mode’ from within the App settings which will restrict the App to making calls over Wi-Fi only. This can then be used connected to Wi-Fi* anywhere in the world (*Wi-Fi charges may apply). I hope it helps someone.


I think I found the answer to my question and it looks like you will not be able to use this app from abroad without paying roaming mobile minutes chargesunless you turn on ravel mode within the app)...please see below: What is the App Access Number? The App Access Number is the telephone number that the App uses to get through to our international telephony service. This number is free to call for Tesco Mobile customers. Can I use the App whilst roaming? We do not recommend this as you may be charged extra for calling the access number while roaming abroad. You can however select ‘Travel Mode’ from within the App settings which will restrict the App to making calls over Wi-Fi only. This can then be used connected to Wi-Fi* anywhere in the world (*Wi-Fi charges may apply).


Same thing happened to me today when I tried to use the app to call a UK landline, it then dialed a 03300010254 number and call got connected(using my mobile minutes rather that data I suppose)...so I wonder how this will work when you are abroad..has anyone else got similar experience?


I found a 4 min outgoing cal in my iPhone 'recents' to a contact that the app created called "Tesco International Calling". 03300010254. It coincided exactly with a call I made via the app itself. I assume it's because my phone could not find a wifi signal. Strange though, the Settings in the app give no hint that it'll use anything other than wifi or mobile data to make calls!

Free worldwide texts using the Tesco International Calling app
Found 9th May 2016Found 9th May 2016
So basically Tesco have an International Calling app on which you load credit and use it to make international calls and texts at Tesco rates. From time to time Tesco have run an … Read more

Heat from me. However if someone is interested in FREE international calls from their landline or mobile then please have a look at my thread HERE.


If only i could turn back the clock a whole year!




Thanks OP. It's working.


Thanks OP, handy if this works.

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