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Free Eye Test @ Tesco Opticians
Found 7th Mar 2018Found 7th Mar 2018
Tesco Opticians now owned and operated by Vision Express are still continuing to provide Free Eye Test where the rebranding hasn't completed (please check when booking!), even for … Read more
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None free in Nottingham. Nearest over 35 miles away! Cold


Had one done today at Tesco Extra Ayelsbury.


Can confirm I had a free test on Saturday at Tesco Extra Southport - no nagging to buy from them as well


@matwalaboy23 Get deal wish I noticed your post earlier. was lucky enough to grab a free test from vision express but glazing frames at ve I have proved very expensive. you say you get yours done online; which website do you use or recommend. cheers :)


Rip off web site says BOGOF but its not and when you complain they just dont care..ill not be going there again

Free Tint (worth £20) With Buy One Get One Free Prescription Glasses (£65 Min) @ Tesco opticians
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
Free Tint (worth £20) With Buy One Get One Free Prescription Glasses (£65 Min) @ Tesco opticians
I managed to lose my glasses at the weekend so popped into Tesco as have my prescription with them. I was planning to take advantaged of thier BOGOF offer and seen an advertisemen… Read more
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Cheers. Booked an appointment.


Shame they don't have the Star Wars frames online any more https://www.tescoopticians.com/prescription-glasses/star-wars/Found an article though https://www.tescoopticians.com/help-and-advice/tesco-opticians-blog/limited-edition-star-wars-glasses/"Our limited edition adult’s frames come in two different designs and are available to buy both in-store and online. Each design features durable acetate plastic frames and brushed gunmetal sides, embossed with the iconic Star Wars™ logo at the temple. The sides are finished with comfortable plastic tips and feature either Kylo Ren or a row of stormtroopers on the inner arms."[image missing][image missing][image missing]

Free eye test @ Tesco opticians
Found 24th Feb 2016Found 24th Feb 2016
Free eye test @ Tesco opticians
It's has been around for a while now, but this might save you a few pound's.
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Aye and there's also the shortbread & Nessie!


Who needs oil? We have an abundance of whiskey and wild haggis.


Not when you go it alone and the oil money runs our :-)


I do mine there for free every year


Wow didn't know Tesco had opticians. HEAT

Free Eye test at Tesco opticians
Found 3rd Oct 2015Found 3rd Oct 2015
Free Eye test at Tesco opticians
Just booked an appointment for free eye test today!
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(I did go back to thank her btw :) )


I went to a Tesco and the lady told me something wrong and to get to a eye hospital straight away. she spotted eye swelling but wasn't sure, the docs confirmed it so well done Tesco!


Yeah I've been getting it done got a few years there now. Reminder came the other day as mine is due, with a bonus voucher for 100 points with free eye test.


yep. husband did that a few months ago, no pressure to buy from them if you need glasses either.

Free eye test at Tesco opticians, book online
Found 1st May 2015Found 1st May 2015
Free eye test at Tesco opticians, book online
Only one active appointment is allowed per account and it must be for the account holder. The eye test An eye examination will normally take about 30 minutes and will include: P… Read more
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never go to vision express for a test, rip off merchants in my experience.


Was about to go for paid one at VisionExpress £25... u save it! Cheers mate! Super heated! :)


Yes same here, I had mine done 2 weeks ago and they never wrote the PD down, but i just measured it myself, looking against a mirror with a ruler.


I had a decent eye test from Tesco in the past. My only issue was when I needed to replace a pair of glasses, I had lost my prescription and the store did not have an ophthalmologist on duty that day and would not have one available for a few days because of a bank holiday. Although the opticians in store were open they could not look at the computer and give me a copy. I had to go to boots and get my eyes retested so I could get some new glasses


I hadn't had an eye test since I was a child, had quite a lengthy appointment :) really happy with the service at my local store (Southport)

Buy one get one free on prescription Glasses & Sunglasses (£65 and above range) TESCO
Found 1st May 2015Found 1st May 2015
Buy one get one free on prescription Glasses & Sunglasses (£65 and above range) TESCO
Buy One Get One Free! INSTONE AND ONLINE Prescription glasses priced £65 and above qualify for Tesco Opticians’ BOGOF offer – and that includes our huge range of designer frames! … Read more
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This one too..you are too good man! Heated!

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort £9 per box (15 pairs) @ Tesco & Asda opticians
Found 14th Nov 2014Found 14th Nov 2014
Focus Dailies All Day Comfort £9 per box (15 pairs) @ Tesco & Asda opticians
I've been wearing these lenses for years now & find them very comfortable. They're £9 per box (£18 per month) I haven't found them cheaper else where! When buying them you're a… Read more
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Just placed an order with day soft. Price is amazing!


Not the actual deal itself but the comments give possibly the best deal I've ever seen in hukd!


Agree - i get mine from daysoft - i find them more comfortable than the focus dailies


Honestly, they're fantastic. Really quick delivery aswell. I won't go anywhere else for my lenses now. My nephew was hesitant about getting them, but I said to him, for the sake of £12-£13 why not give it a go for one month. That was a year ago and he still orders from them.


Yes that's correct and that's what we have already said if you read again. £12 for 32 pairs , or if you only wanted 32 lenses then it's 5.99 which is useful if both eyes have same prescription http://www.daysoftcontactlenses.com/GB/CountryHomepage.aspx?

Free Eye Test @ Tesco
Found 31st Oct 2014Found 31st Oct 2014
Free Eye Test @ Tesco
From MSE email: Either book an eye test by phone (0845 601 3479) or visit one of 192 Tesco Opticians nationwide. To find a participating store, enter your postcode and filter to s… Read more

Is this the same eye test that their accountants took?


What about dentists


Vote cold it's always free


tesco always has been free

Prescription Swimming Goggles £9.80 @ Tesco Opticians
Found 8th Aug 2014Found 8th Aug 2014
Prescription Swimming Goggles £9.80 @ Tesco Opticians
Got some for my 12 year old son (Adult sizes only) in Camberley. National deal as I phoned around for -6.75 but found max they go up to is -6. Extremely good value for Prescripti… Read more

Any current deals on prescription goggles?


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/171309107901?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=108&device=t&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=108 £7.59ish on Ebay up to -7.


Just in case you fancy a scan through the local paper whilst having a swim?


Thanks B_T and OP...gonna head down there


Will ask at local

FREE How to Train Your Dragon 2 3D Glasses - Pick up in store Tesco Opticians
Found 29th Jun 2014Found 29th Jun 2014
FREE How to Train Your Dragon 2 3D Glasses - Pick up in store Tesco Opticians
Was in Tesco Opticians for Kids glasses and found How to Train Your Dragon 2 goodie bags with 3D glasses. They have Children and Adult glasses, designed for better fit over normal… Read more

In stock at Tesco Extra Yeading but grumpy a$$ manager with no customer service skills at all said I had to purchase kids glasses. Pointed her to the website and no mention of any purchase. She said see it says customer... umm so what am I then stood here with a basket full of shopping?! Some people's children....


We have been using them watching 3D films on TV - impress with the quality and comfort. So went to Tesco Camberley and pick up another 4 (2 Adult 2 Kids) to keep as spares. Plenty still left in Camberley!


The Wrexham Extra store had these. The guy was very nice and gave me 4 pairs (2 kids and 2 adults) as we're off to see it at the weekend. Excellent spot .


Lady in key nice asked me how many kids I had and handed over 2 bags no questions not trouble LG passive TV use FTW


my local said no too you have to purchase kids glasses to get this what a jip

Ray Ban Sunglasses. £90 @ Tesco
Found 30th Apr 2014Found 30th Apr 2014
Was in local tesco yestoday and noticed they had lots of ray bans in stock for £90. Not sure what the deal is as online they only had a few designs but in store there were loads. S… Read more
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The links go to other online shops - not Tesco. Reluctant to go with the Amazon deal as reviews still say people have received fakes. Would rather pay a bit more for the genuine article.


you chose the wrong day to post this deal mate!


do you work at tesco? always have these in stock at my local two. extras, better to get the amazon us deal


yes but they havnt been in stock all winter and to be fair they were 80 last year not 90 so they aint been that price for last 3 years. And if your like me and fancy another pair its handy to know there back in stock


just posted a cheap deal worth checking out

Free eye test at tesco opticians -  Southport but could be nationwide
Found 1st Feb 2014Found 1st Feb 2014
Free eye test at tesco opticians - Southport but could be nationwide
A friend posted this on Facebook, I've booked a free eye test at tesco opticians at Southport but probably nationwide. I dunno if this is free all the time but I'm hungover and can… Read more
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tesco have always been free in england too


Tax are collected by the UK so where does the cash come from? You sound like the council guy who told me I shouldn't worry about them wasting money fixing the same piece of path 5 times after all it's not coming from council tax but central government.....why do some people not get it comes from our pocket no matter what you spend on it.


Pfft English thinking they pay for Scotland as usual!! Give it a break.


Oh sorry guys thought I was posting a good deal, no more hangover deals from me lol


Heh, i can pay for my eye test from my own pocket, but no one ever asked :). Im still undecided on independence, so watch out.... next eye test could be again from Your pocket :P.

Raybans 2132 in Black and Tortoise £89 (or £45 of clubcard vouchers) @ Tesco Opticians
Found 13th Sep 2013Found 13th Sep 2013
Raybans 2132 in Black and Tortoise £89 (or £45 of clubcard vouchers) @ Tesco Opticians
A great deal that I will be purchasing. Black and Torti Ray Bans in the classic style that remains forever in style. Available to purchase for £89 in Tesco opticians in store, or u… Read more
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It doesn't really matter about the UV protection when invariably the wearer has them on top of their head (to better display the label I assume) or wearing them indoors.


The problem with Ray Bans is that they're just not Oakleys!


He Knows what he meens Brah.............8)


They look like they fell out of the 70's in a bad way. No wonder they are 1/2 price.


Check out select specs, I got a pair of prescription wayfarers with clear ultra thin lenses (my prescription is almost -8 so needed!) for just under £150. Absolutely delighted with them but the turnaround time took about 3 weeks.

Free Pupillary Distance measurement Online @Tesco (Webcam required)
Found 30th Jul 2013Found 30th Jul 2013
Free Pupillary Distance measurement Online @Tesco (Webcam required)
Update - requires purchase, so not free, expired. Quite a few people have had an eye test to find out they weren't given their pd measurement. If requesting this after the appoint… Read more

I saw this method of determining your PD at another site and thought it was a scam to get your security number from the back of your credit card...just shows how cynical I've become.


PAYMENT REQUIRED - Yup oO I looked back in my emails as I had done a PD measurement, unfortunately that company has now ceased trading :|


Only just realised! Mod please expire, this isn't a freebie as it requires you to purchase beforehand.


'Your PD measurement is taken when you place your glasses order'. Is that before or after you've entered any payment details?

FREE Eye Test!!! - Tesco Opticians - £0.00
Found 6th Jun 2013Found 6th Jun 2013
I've had a look for eye tests on here and there are a few deals where eye tests have been available for £5, £10 etc but this doesn't appear to have been posted. Tesco do FREE eye… Read more
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great stuff


Thanks Op ... nearly didn't see this deal...(_;)


Nothing good to say about my dealings with Tesco regarding my eyetest. They actually gave me the wrong prescription and the glasses took 3 weeks to arrive, then they had no rubbers for the nose bridge so I had to wait another 2 weeks. In the meantime I had another eyetest at D&A and had a different prescription and much better service. The only good thing was getting my money back.


They charge about 30 quid for the coating, I didn't bother. You can also double up tesco vouchers in the optician. Got mine from there, they're fine. If you want to avoid the hard sell, go by yourself and say you'd better come back with your wife for her opinion


At Tesco I think it's £40 with anti reflective coating. But that's not why I posted this. You can take your prescription elsewhere and order online. Quite a lot of places charge for an eye test now...

Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses ONLY £40 @Tesco Opticians
LocalLocalFound 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses ONLY £40 @Tesco Opticians
Quality designer sunglasses for just £40. With summer in a few months there are a bargain. There are others that might tickle your fancy so do check.

Excellent £80 on other sites


This is an online deal. It's designer, that's why I said 'ONLY'. To buy this seasons style, it will cost you £100+. You can buy this, look the part in the summer with a quality pair of shades for £40 squids


lol they are actually a lot more elsewhere, but yeah that word 'only' is this national ? and instore ?



TESCO - FREE EYE TEST (no voucher required)
Found 7th Feb 2013Found 7th Feb 2013
TESCO - FREE EYE TEST (no voucher required)
Free eye test at Tesco In-store offer Discount: Free eye test for Anyone Either book an eye test over the phone (0845 601 3479) or visit one of 176 Tesco Opticians nationwide. Th… Read more
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Thank you


still going great freebie


Thank you


Thanks OP for the post. Doesn't matter if many people knew it. Good you listed it in HUKD. Heated! 8)


Does this include contact lens test?

Free Sight Test and £10 off frames @ Tesco
Found 29th May 2012Found 29th May 2012
Free Sight Test and £10 off frames @ Tesco
Just went to Tesco at New Malden and they were giving out vouchers for free Sight Test and £10 Off frames costing £79 or more. Forgot to ask if this is nationalwide, so might be w… Read more

ditto, and since 2006.


good one, but eye sight tests in scotland are free :)


I guess you could get them to give you the eye test then buy your glasses from one of the cheaper opticians online. If you are going to do this then make sure they tell you what your pupillary distance (PD) is as you'll need this and it won't be on your prescription. They might charge you for this (any more then £5 and you're being robbed) information but it's something that will not change so once you have it you'll never need to ask for it again. This is HOT anyway ;)


Free eyetests in Gillingham, KENT too - did not see anything about £10 off but might be!

Ray ban sunglasses, various styles £79.00 @ Tesco Opticians
LocalLocalFound 3rd May 2012Found 3rd May 2012
Was in Tesco Hamilton earlier and noticed that Tesco Opticians are now stocking Ray Ban sunglasses a majority of which were £79, includes wayfarers, aviators and others. At least … Read more

Bought some Ray Ban Polarised sunglasses from the Colchester Extra this morning. All of the Ray Bans were £89 and there were probably around 7-10 styles/types/colours available and even more in the cupboard. Luckily before I paid I remembered the club card exchange and the SA was lovely and even printed my vouchers off for me so I could get them doubled up. I had £15 of vouchers so paid only £59 for polarised ray bans which normally cost £30-50 more than the standard ones! We looked in the Ipswich optitions as well this morning and they had about 4 on display but it wasn't open. HTH Can upload my receipt if anyone wants proof.


It's not on their website, but i saw them in Tesco Plymouth, you can also use double clubcard vouchers to buy them too i think. I'm going to get some when my vouchers come through. Only a few styles but found a pair i really liked.


not seeing any on the website


Should've gone to Specsavers!

Free Eye Test @ Tesco Opticians
Found 12th Mar 2012Found 12th Mar 2012
Free Eye Test @ Tesco Opticians
To book your free eye test call 0845 601 3479 or visit www.tescoopticians.com for more information.
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They will fill in any medical or military forms you take to get signed for free, this would cost £20 in boots 8)


Agree They are good, also will glaze your glasses or just give you prescription without any hassle.


Used to sell milk? They still do last time I checked. I've heard nothing but good things about Tesco's Eye Exams, I will have to use them soon.


Any opticians doing eye tests has to have a registered optometrist doing the test, so instead of slagging of Tesco because they sell milk and bread, get yourself educated. Anyone can have a bad experience in any shop, doesnt mean they are all bad.


0161 942 7719 seems to be the "freebie" number for those with inclusive minutes, but only open 9am-6pm weekdays.