Tesco's Bottle Stoppers 3 pack 1p

Tesco's Bottle Stoppers 3 pack 1p

Found 16th Jul 2009
My local Tesco's was selling the lounge bar bottle stoppers 3 in the pack - for 1p!!!

Must be nationwide as they where going through the till as 1p

Sorry no picture i am new to hot deals- if someone could tell me how will load a picture!


nearest picture
- drbunsen
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Thanks for posting and welcome to HUKD. I have added an image of the Tesco logo (as I don't know what the stoppers are like) to your post.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : - hotukdeals.com/ite…hr/
Or follow the link in my signature.
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i can confirm this is true. i brought from tesco home in nottingham today:thumbsup:
Sorry can you describe what they look like pleae?

Sorry can you describe what they look like pleae?

i would imagine like 3 bottle-stoppers in a single pack :whistling:
A pic would help tho. I know how it feels trouncing through Tesco looking for something not knowing what it looks like!
Cracking deal - heat added. Well spotted.
are these bottle toppers like wine stoppers or 'spikeys' which have a hole for the straw?
For 1p, and the accolade of it being such a cracking deal...I sure gotta find out what in the Sam Hill these lounge bar bottle stoppers are!
what are they made of? Do they sit in the top of a wine bottle?
Like these, but all black. Make sure they are the Lounge Bar brand and not the Tesco ones (coloured) , as these are £1.

Only had 1 pack left at mine

aww i've just come back from tesco! and would have loved to have got these, my boyfriend needs them!! but didn't think of getting them- where abouts are they??? in the home section by glasses/cutlery etc?? i'll have to go back later this week & browse.
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