Tesco's Cadbury's Roses 400g £1.99

Tesco's Cadbury's Roses 400g £1.99

Found 29th Oct 2010Made hot 30th Oct 2010
I was in Tesco's tonight and saw Boxes Of Cadbury's Roses For £1.99. Don't know if it is on-line.


They have quality streets for the same price and heroes for £1.97

Quality Street may be slightly more if on offer £2.07 online but in one of my local Tesco's 2 for £6 deal ends 2nd November

I was in Tesco yesterday and picked up the Quality Street and they scanned at £4.15, so i got these instead at £1.96

my kids love these, but i think they're rotten.

they have Black Magic half price too (£5 from £10) - I must not eat choc, must not .....

blockbuster have roses for £1.99 too

This is a repost
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