Tescos - Kellogs Coco Pops Moons & Stars - 370g Box - BOGOF 67p

Tescos - Kellogs Coco Pops Moons & Stars - 370g Box - BOGOF 67p

Found 6th Dec 2011
Just popped in to the local Tescos and found them selling box's of Kellogs Coco Pops Moons & Stars at 67p a box, then they had them on a buy one get one free making them 33.5p per box!

Not the healthiest cereal but a cracking deal! One guy bought 10 box's I bought a couple for myself.


....the "local Tescos" being where?

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My local is Leeds, but the assistant double checked the price and said it was a national deal.

Thanks OP. Great deal!

Wow if national this is definitely hot!!!

Which one in Leeds?

My kids love coco pops but hate these, if they have them at my local Tesco they will HAVE to like them

by local I assume you mean Tesco express stores?
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very nice

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I found this at the main Tescos at Roundhay in Leeds.

These are due to be £2.69 BOGOF from tomorrow, so another case of the offer for tomorrow working the day before!

good deal if you like them.. but they are properly rank which is a real shame. Wish they would stop including them in the Variety Pack.


great deal, will pick some up later

you're a star too brah!

They were £2.69 and bogof in Swindon tesco about an hour ago!

Cold, not nationwide - £2.69 /box in my Tesco

Cold too, not nationwide. £2.69 in Bedford.

They do not even stock them in the 2 local ( one express, 1 large) tesco near me

They were £2.69 and bogof in Blackburn tesco about an hour ago

Same in brum, springhill. £2.69 bogof.

£2.69 in tesco express ayr and tesco extra ayr . cold from me

same as the last comment

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