Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Classics, Platinum) Xbox 360, PS3 pre-order £14.85 @zavvi

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Classics, Platinum) Xbox 360, PS3 pre-order £14.85 @zavvi


Is there anything special about this one ?

I think this will be sold for less than £15 in a few places before the 29th July to be honest

Seems a rapid release to the classics range.

My thoughts exactly, seems a bit of dirty play to "justify" dropping the price..i.e its not that its utter crap and hasn't sold, its that its sold so well we can afford to drop the price!!!

maybe a stupid question but do games have to sell X amount like CD's to justify being a classic / platinum release? If so... how this game managed it I'll never know!

I more surprised to see them using the 'old-style' classics packaging.

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"To become a Platinum release it was required that a game have over 400,000 total worldwide sales after generally one year on the market[1] (PAL region sales in particular; games that sell over 400,000 units in another region alone, such as Japan or the U.S., do not necessarily qualify for a Platinum title)." That's what wikipedia says, but I guess it's no longer the truth. I would say platinum games are just budget re-releases or it's just a different form of price drop.

The game was terrible anyway, should be on the £4.99 sold out label...lol
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