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Emoov estate agent (£695 total price for selling with code)
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
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You're avoiding the issue, you want to see people lose their jobs because of your narrow minded opinions, that's my point. People who use a high street estate agent do so through choice. They are fully aware of the fee's involved before they sign up. No one is holding a gun to their heads.


1) I didn't post the deal 2) My experience of estate agents is poor, as are everyone else I have ever discussed estate agents with. They have cost me thousands of pounds due to their incompetence. I have every right to my opinion and thoughts on the future on a public forum. If you are going to get upset and judge me then I suggest the internet isn't for you. 3) I never claimed to be an expert, you don't need to be an expert to have an opinion on something Are you an estate agent yourself? You seem to get things very mixed up and can't stick to the facts ;)


I've changed a lot of light bulbs, that doesn't make me an expert electrician. Lets not lose sight of the fact that you posted a "deal" that has gone very cold. Seems not many people agree with you. I havn't made anything up nor do I have to prove anything to you. I'll just reiterate the fact that you stated you would like to see a lot of hard working people to lose their jobs. That alone is enough for anyone to conclude what kind of person you are.


Stating that I "don't know anything" repeatedly doesn't help you win the argument. I have sold a number of houses and am very familiar with the process, the benefits and down sides of both the internet and high street estate agents. I don't work in the industry but that doesn't stop me from having experience nor an opinion. It seems you are emotionally involved in this so you can't consider another point of view nor can you be civil, nor can you back up any of the facts you have made up (99% of the time a high street estate agent will get you more than an online estate agent). I'll stick with the online estate agent and will encourage others to do so as well ;)


​Again, proving you have no idea. This company has been running a very, very long time. And you'll find the pictures are taken by a proffesional photography. You also forgot to mention all the marketing on a local scale, ie canvassing ect. Not to mention the mile long list of clients/investors who are contacted and invited to an open house to potentially start a bidding war before the property even hits rightmove and Zoopla. And there's also the bonus of having a RICS qualified agent giving a proper valuation, not some school leaver or part time office worker purely looking at what other properties in the area sold for. As I've said, you don't know anything about the industry.


Something is clearly wrong. Have you thought of taking it back to the garage? Maybe the brake is sticking on slightly?




I have a 24kw leaf and I regularly get over 100 miles per charge. I can only think you travel fast?


I don't use the motorway for this very reason as a 10 mile hop between 2 junctions of the M6 near me at 70 mph would take 35 miles off the range!


You should head to specsavers as you have already been told it doesn't have fast charging. :)

Goals Football Parties £75  for 10 children.
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017

​Could have bought all that for half the price.


I got a coach, cake, goody bags, medals, boot bags and a football for my son for the extra £60. I did go to their actual website to check first. The one in the link is a landing page just for the offer.


What do you get for the extra £60 ? The website is utter garbage and tells you absolutely nothing.

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For £1, you can't go wrong. It sounds OK, little muddy but that could just be the recording.


The dl link is only active for 30 days too!


Be prepared for a long wait and multiple failed downloads. After paying my £1 I've tried six times. So far I've no complete download (and yes - I do have fibre broadband).


This is still available for those interested https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-emu-proteus-vx-incl-v2-proteus-x-composer-bank-music-production-software-2294498


Great deal, thanks OP!


​really, I didn't check the website but in store they were all over the tills 2 x 6 pack for 3 quid. 24 Panasonic at Argos , 7.99 , is best I have found so far


None near me. For delivery included still a good deal. Good batteries though


These are the same as the ones in entertainer, but 24 for £6 in store there !


24 energizer @ argos for 9.99 loads at counter in mine, 24 Panasonic Pro @7.99 - argos - http://www.argos.co.uk/product/2415143 entertainer 2 packs of 6 for £3 so 36 for £9 - an uknown 'high' power cell though, again loads all over the counters. I'm just about to start my hunt for the biggest battery purchase i will ever make i think , although thankfully it wont be the most expensive.


While the Duracell Ultra batteries are very good, I find the standard ones have a short life. I've been buying GP Ultra batteries and find them much better. IMO. £7.70 from CPC. Free delivery http://cpc.farnell.com/gp-batteries/gppca15au006/battery-ultra-alkaline-aa-bulk/dp/BT05626

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99% off Xpand2 synthesiser, £1 @ PluginBoutique
Found 18th Dec 2016Found 18th Dec 2016

Free here... https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/air-xpand-2-vsti-rompler-2500-presets-now-free-until-new-year-2576687


hot. thanks op.


Here's a good site for plugin deals. http://rekkerd.org/deals-deals-deals/


Heat from me. This is a great piece of sw. I got mine included when I bought the m-audio Keystation. It's a "plug-in" so you'll need DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software to plug it into. I use Ableton Live, which also came with the Keystation. And, of course, you'll need a computer to run it all, and a midi output device to play the music. I'm going to get the Orchestral companion for a £1 - also a bargain.


interesting. forwarded to hubby, he is the geek.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Free Trial
Found 16th Dec 2016Found 16th Dec 2016

worth a look to try before you buy


Oh and this has already been posted, twice :).


Free doesn't necessarily mean worth your time (else we may as well vote hot on everything posted in the Freebies section), especially when the file size is that big.


Something is free and people still vote cold????????????


Reached level 3 in zombies in under half an hour. Waste of time :|


Useful info not visible on mobile view: Eventual Height 12m+ Eventual Spread 4m - 8m Growth Rate Slow


is this a family tree


do i need water? i might plant these in random places around my hometown. they will be shocked when they see q Christmas tree growint


did anybody give them a ring tae ask fer a wee price?


How quick do Leylandii grow? Under good conditions the different types of Leylandii will grow the following amounts: Green Leylandii - up to 3ft (90cm) a year. Leylandii 2001 - up to 3ft (90cm) a year. Leylandii Castlewellan Gold –up to 2ft 6in (75cm) a year Leylandii Gold Rider – up to 1ft 6 (45cm) a year http://www.leylandii.com/faq.html


bin there 1st time was fab 2nd wasn't as good 3rd time gone down hill time to find somewhere else especially you get out of date cereals in your room for your continental breki..... erm this is a health spa C mon and a very expensive one. but ye don't mind the price if your happy with all after our 3rd visit was not on lots of issues only speaking from our own experience please try for yourselves and Ta so x


Sold out




Would be a bit cold in that spa, isn't it on the sea bed still?


I can't believe this marked cold! It's an amazing spa, I had a similar deal when they opened but haven't seen anything close since! Definitely worth the money


Awesome thank you! Great deal then glad I ordered just wish it wasn't so much for postage but can't complain


Box through the post with a DVD inside it. Also contains the steam code which you can enter into the steam platform to download the game to your computer.


Just ordered myself now, does anyone know is it a disk that comes or a code to download it via steam, not sure how it works


Now charging £24.95 including postage. Just ordered

Football Manager 2017 - £14.50 free p&p @ Southport FC
Found 14th Nov 2016Found 14th Nov 2016

Arrived, cheers! 8)


I ordered first and mine hasn't arrived :| fingers crossed for tomorrow. Glad to see people's copies are arriving though :)


Mine has arrived


Got my copyin the post today. Top deal


Sent an email to the club and just had a response, they will be posting the games out tomorrow morning. I can only assume if you haven't been refunded then you've been successful in getting a copy :)

Free Shipping on Orders over £50 at Highgrove Gardens
Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016

Just tried copying and pasting the code given above by deniro and it deducted the postage.


Ok... I did and I get "Voucher code " FREESHIPSIG16" is not valid." I think we need to give up on this deal


Try at the chcekout FREESHIPSIG16 its only for UK standard... Enjoy.. :)




I can't see how you get free shipping over £50.

Ridgeback MX20 20 inch wheel bike £191.99 @ www.freeborn.co.uk
Found 8th Nov 2016Found 8th Nov 2016

Yeah really good points, ive been keeping an eye on used islabikes on the bay but theyre mostly down south and go for a lot of money, but then I dont fancy spending nearly 400 quid on a new kids bike.


I would still say its a bit pricey for what it is. These bikes don't hold their value very well (unlike Islabike or Frog bikes) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ridgeback-MX-20-Bike-/122204888080?hash=item1c73fa9c10:g:SP0AAOSwImRYFgbU So you may find in a couple of years when they have outgrown it you are worse off than buying either of the makes mentioned.