Tethered (PSVR) - £18.99 @ PSN

Tethered (PSVR) - £18.99 @ PSN

Found 1st Mar 2017
I've been waiting for this to drop...
Also available - Devine Edition for £23.99 (includes soundtrack)

In a magical sky borne world, take on the role of a powerful ‘Spirit Guardian’ charged with restoring life and balance.
Command the ‘Peeps', your loyal servants, to feed, fight, build, and sacrifice themselves for the greater good in a quest to release your entombed brethren. As the sun shines, harvest the islands' bountiful resources, bend the very elements to your will, and prepare your Peeps well. For in the night evil denizens of darkness stalk the land, feasting on your resources, your crystals and your Peeps!
Thirteen unique islands await your guiding hand in this beautiful and engrossing virtual reality strategy game, unlike anything you have experienced before!
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I believe this has just had a pro update & move support added.

I believe this has just had a pro update & move support added.

I played the demo with Move controllers - I really liked it but thought it might drop
I don't have a Pro but my mate does... I could drag my PSVR down to his for a session (_;)
Awesome game. Bought for about £14 IIRC, a couple of days before it was released.

Didn't know about the Pro update. What does it add?
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