Tetley Green Tea Tea Bags 50's £1.00 @ Asda

Tetley Green Tea Tea Bags 50's £1.00 @ Asda

Found 5th Jan 2015Made hot 5th Jan 2015
This might not be for everyone, Asda have reduced the Tetley Green Tea Tea Bags from £1.75 to £1.00. The offer is for both normal and De-caf varieties. Available instore and online.


All stores?

Always in 99p Stores as well.

Did you notice how much the Blend of Both was?

Morrisons too.

Green tea and lemon is on sale for £1 too.

Nice price but this is nasty stuff compared to Twinings.

this is very good. i drink this

This green tea is horrible to drink. But at this price it's worth a punt, just in case you like it.


I don't like this but I do like the blend of both stuff which is in the pink packaging.


Always in 99p Stores as well.

Ditto. Never posted this though, can't understand how people can like taste of green tea. It's like drinking boiled over grass urgh. ..

I prefer these to twinnings these aint as bitter, dont exactly drink it for the taste though only for the health benefits.
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