Tetley Redbush Tea Bags 80s - Half Price - £1.58 at Tesco
Tetley Redbush Tea Bags 80s - Half Price - £1.58 at Tesco

Tetley Redbush Tea Bags 80s - Half Price - £1.58 at Tesco

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Tetley Redbush Tea Bags 80s - Half Price - £1.58 at Tesco

£3.17 at Asda and Saisnburys - so a great deal for a good cup of tea

Naturally caffeine free - As hydrating as water - Rich in antioxidant

Tetley Redbush is a new experience which will help you feel full of vitality throughout the day. Only ever grown in the South African sunshine, Tetley Redbush will stimulate your senses.

It's a crystal clear red drink with a distinctive aroma and a clean and refreshing taste.

Being naturally caffeine free, Tetley Redbush is just as hydrating as water and it counts towards the 8 glasses of fluid we all aim to drink everyday.

Rooibos Ltd. was established in 1954 and selects only the finest Redbush leaves for Tetley. Rooibos Ltd. contributes to the development of South Africa's local economy and its inhabitants.

Tetley Redbush, like fruit and vegetables, is naturally rich in antioxidants. It contains flavanoids, which are one of the most powerful group of antioxidants.

Being naturally caffeine free, why not try the distinctive taste of Redbush when you are trying to cut out coffee, during pregnancy or when you are on a diet, as it has a naturally sweet taste.Other Information

No Colours or Preservatives


gotta love the red heads!

I'll never forget when a lady in a store asked me if I'd like to try her red bush . . .

It always makes me laugh when things have:

"As hydrating as water..."

As a pro. Well, to be quite honest, talking from a medical background, any liquid is hydrating - even alcohol.

What makes that above line funnier is that you actually use water to make the damn tea, so of course it's as hydrating as bloody water!

Took a while to get used to this stuff but really like it now, has an almost tobacco smell to it but good if you like a cuppa late at night and don't want the caffeine.

Once you are used to it, it's really nice - I know that sounds strange but anyway I need another box as I just ran out so thank you for the post!
Edited by: "crissy_uk" 8th Oct 2010

Is good stuff, can drink it without milk easily and no tannins/caffiene - just takes a while to retrain your brain to expect it to taste like regular tea. Good price, voted hot!

Now I''v got used to it, I absolutely love it....and have never slept so well since drinking it.

These packs are now £3.17 and BOGOF in Tesco, so effectively the same price. They don't have the packs at my online store, but I saw this in the Chard store today and I think the offer runs until 02/11/10.

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