TEVION 12/240v Complete Portable FTA Digital Satellite System in a case only £39.99 @ ALDI ideal 4 camping

TEVION 12/240v Complete Portable FTA Digital Satellite System in a case only £39.99 @ ALDI ideal 4 camping

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Found 4th Aug 2011
Found a big pile of these in the Aylesbury ALDI branch.
It's basically a COMAG system, which can sell for around £100 in camping outlets, so this is an excellent price, especially as this seems to be an improved dish system, with what looks like a magnetic base.
With these systems you essentially get everything you need (Apart from the TV!) all stored a neat blow moulded (keep it clean people!) case, even down to having a 'Sat Finder', which alone sell for about £10.It will work on 12v or 240v, so can be used even when on a site without EHU, and I'd guess this uses very little power, so won't add much drain to your battery compared to the TV itself.

Anyway, I didn't notice this deal on their site, so perhaps it's a limited supply, but if like me you're going caravanning or camping in the holidays, this may be for you, and worth looking out for.The main difference to bear in mind, is that once this has been aligned it will give an excellent signal, wheras Freeview is dependant on location, so can be very hit & miss.

Here's some specs I found elsewhere...
Product Information
Brilliant portable satellite kit from Tevion and SLx.

never miss another programme whilst you on your travels with well over 220 digital TV channels and 100 digital radio channels with this easy to set up system which includes full instructions.

we always offer great after sales and technical support 7 days a week, so no need to worry whilst you away just give us a call on the number above,

Product Features

A comprehensive kit for you to receive freesat digital TV stations ..everything except the TV
Suitable for free-to-air (FTA) reception that covers most of the UK and parts of Scotland & Ireland
No contract or monthly subscriptions are required to receive digital Satellite TV
Suitable to pick up any satellite TV within the satellite's footprint (can be found on internet)
Dish is both portable and suitable for use in a permanent location
Including LNB, SCART cable and satellite locator - all in one box
No need to program the receiver, just rescan for new channels
Free-to-air receiver also compatible with larger dishes
Multi-format picture for use around the world
SCART and phono video outputs
System includes 39cm black dish and lnb
Satellite receiver that operates on both DC 12 V or AC 230 V mains
10m cable with connectors and various mounts
All in one portable compact case and full instructions included

Receive digital satellite programmes without depending on a fixed mounted satellite aerial. The mobile aerial allows you to receive signals at different places such as on a camp site, beach or at home. The dish can be installed in the plastic case or can be mounted, e.g. on a car roof, table plate or a mast using the mounting components.

You can also connect the receiver to a fixed installed satellite aerial. The most common broadcasting stations are pre-programmed to the ASTRA, Hotbird, Sirius, Hispasat and Hellasat satellites.

You can receive programmes broadcast through these satellites as soon as you have connected the receiver and mounted and adjusted the antenna. There is a possibility of completing and/or modifying the existing pre-programming as the digitally emitted programmes are updated.

Operate almost all receiver functions using the remote control or use the user interface on the TV-monitor.

Technical Specification

brand: Comag
Dish Size: 39cm
LNB: Single
Includes receiver: Y
Receives HD broadcasts: N
Diseqc: Y
No CI slots: 0
Compatible with 12V: Y
Includes motor: N
Cable length: 10m
Motor Interface: Diseqc 1.2

As for the debate about watching TV whilst camping, well I guess that depends on the weather!
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What a fascinating gadget - I didn't even know such things existed! I'm tempted to buy one 'just for the halibut'

Now I could cope with my mate making me go camping with him and his kids without pretending to be engrossed with bleak Scottish mountains !!!!!!!!
Good deal , great things to have when camping , but I'm now needing a mule to lug my 46" plasma around the Scotish mountains to make use of it .
For camping lol. Didn't camping used to be about back to basics?.

For camping lol. Didn't camping used to be about back to basics?.

Lol, back to basics?, yes, it used to when I was a kid in the family tent in Cofton (when it was just a field), before we got a trailer tent, but it's all changed, and it's quite amazing what you can get now.My wifes friends actually going camping this weekend, except 'they' call it glamping! with all mod cons.
I have a caravan myself, as my wife would never go in a tent, and likes the home from home feel, as she prefers to use our own shower etc (although the facilities on the sites I've stayed at so far have been excellent, and very clean).I do try however to stay on more basic sites, so at least it feels a bit more like the old days, although I do appreciate the way most sites are so well landscaped and tidy, but ultimately one thing hasn't changed, and that's the freedom going camping gives you.

P.S. Ricko, 46" Plasma?, you'd better get another mule for the batteries! lol
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A word of warning - this can take a hell of a long time to grab a signal (even if you use meters and other devices to locate) - not really recommended if you are constantly on the move!
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