Tevion Internet Radio (Reciva-based) - £49.99 instore

Tevion Internet Radio (Reciva-based) - £49.99 instore

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Found 23rd Nov 2007
This is yet another Reciva-based radio, similar to Logic IR100, Bush TR2015WiFi, Morphy Richards and some other toys.

It is not perfect, but at the moment, when IR100 sold for 80, this is the cheapest Internet Radio on market. It allows you to listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world (roughly 5K stations) and also to stream music from your network.
You must have WiFi router to use it and have some basic networking skills.

It is NOT a DAB radio!

P.S. If you decide to vote cold (or hot for the matter)- could you please explain why? A simple 'I hate Kommunist will do :))
- Kommunist
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I hate Kommunist! Is that ok? (Don't really).


This amazing radio will revolutionize your music listening completely. Enjoy access to over 5000 digital radio stations in over 180 countries around the world.
[*]Wireless connection to the internet and your PC
[*]Enables you to play music that you have stored on your PC
[*]Place the radio anywhere in the house without your PC even being switched on
[*]Your house must have broadband and a wireless router already in place
[*]Features stereo sound, 10 presets and a two-line LCD display
[*]Select music by Country or by Genre
[*]Also allows you to tune into FM radio if you are away from home
[*]Global coverage
[*]No subscriptions to pay
[*]Simple plug and play device[/LIST]

I hate Kommunist! Is that ok? (Don't really).

LOL - It's fine with me

Thanks for information too!
don't these things just eat bandwidth? im a little worried as if i get another letter from tiscali :whistling:
Anyone knows if this suffers the dreadful hangs (as in Logik IR100) which occurs when you just switch the unit off the mains and then power it on again?

don't these things just eat bandwidth? im a little worried as if i get … don't these things just eat bandwidth? im a little worried as if i get another letter from tiscali :whistling:

Internet radio eats between 12 kbits per sec to 128 kbps mostly. This you can calculate the monthly usage. However you have to be clear the difference between bits and bytes as it is abbreviated as "b" in most case rather than "b" and "B". There are 8 bits to a byte. Usually in speed of network one uses bits per second, however in network capacity it is usually in bytes. One byte is data worth one letter in ASCII , for example.

Anyone knows if this suffers the dreadful hangs (as in Logik IR100) which … Anyone knows if this suffers the dreadful hangs (as in Logik IR100) which occurs when you just switch the unit off the mains and then power it on again?

Initially there were reports that it had some issues with database update and BBC replay. As database structure was changed two weeks ago (if I remember it correctly) don't think it applies anymore. Not sure if there are some other issues with this radio - take a look at ]Reciva forum.

Also some more info ]here and ]here.

User Guide is ]here

BTW, according to reports, latest firmware is supporting WPA2!
no batteries? as soon as they start making these with battery power, i'm gonna b all over it.
I can't comment on this model but these reciva devices are totally amazing.

I was blown away when I discovered the genre search.

I was even more blown away by the 'on demand' shows.

I was totally amazed when it could play tunes off windows shares.

It's everything DAB should have been.

no batteries? as soon as they start making these with battery … no batteries? as soon as they start making these with battery power, i'm gonna b all over it.

They do actually
]Revo Pico WiFi. Same Reciva thing in smaller package + battery-powered.

In stock on Revo website.
I have the Logik IR100 and it's a fantastic bit of kit.
I got it from PCWorld for £40 when they were half price for a short while.

This Tevion model is very similar, and has the added advantage of an FM radio.

I think the price is great for what it can do.
Anyone know if these things play the "Listen again" features from BBC radio website (not the live BBC web feed)? Thanks

Anyone know if these things play the "Listen again" features from BBC … Anyone know if these things play the "Listen again" features from BBC radio website (not the live BBC web feed)? Thanks

My reciva does
Anyone know if it includes a remote control and/or a headphone socket?


Initially there were reports that it had some issues with database update … Initially there were reports that it had some issues with database update and BBC replay. As database structure was changed two weeks ago (if I remember it correctly) don't think it applies anymore. Not sure if there are some other issues with this radio - take a look at ]Reciva forum.Also some more info ]here and ]here.User Guide is ]hereBTW, according to reports, latest firmware is supporting WPA2!

Thanks I am tempted to buy yet another. I bought two SOundbridges now and one Logik IR100. The SOundbridge is fab but does not support real media and some WMP streams are not playable whereas the Logik does (Receiva technology).
[COLOR="Blue"]I have the one question before I go for the Tevion please? When you switch it off the mains and then switch it on at the mains after a few seconds does it fail to boot up (as it does with my Logik IR100 and I have to wait 5 - 10 mins before I power on the mains again.) [/COLOR]
The product feature claims 10 presets. Is this 5 presets for internet radio and 5 presets for FM radio? Also is there a headphone socket? Thanks.
Bought one yesterday (fri) Taking it back today (sat)
Mine was ok for 1st 30 mins then it locked up after reset it now makes a loud feedback noise and will not connect to network.(after a firmware update)
great radio otherwise will be getting a replacement if there are any left.
Don't let my comments put you off.
Just got a dud one i hope.
2nd ones faulty too.
No sound at all on this one.
What a waste of time,
off for my money back and wasting more of my time, thats 2 hours of my day wasted.

2nd ones faulty too.No sound at all on this one.What a waste of time, off … 2nd ones faulty too.No sound at all on this one.What a waste of time, off for my money back and wasting more of my time, thats 2 hours of my day wasted.

Thanks for your update. I am sure if I ought to buy this unit now as it had such mixed user experience on the receiva.com web site and digitalspy forum. It seems to be either it works or it doesn't. I guess if it is sold through Aldi then it is really cheap and cheerful (when it works)!
The radio is very good if it worked.
The 1st one worked great for about 30 mins. Sound quality was ok even on the low quality stations.
I think its an excellent buy if you getting a good one.
My problems with this radio was the 1st one after 30 mins the audio had a very annoying loud feedback noise, the only cure was to turn the volume up loud. Also after firmware update the radio would not connect to the network.
I am not a expert on networking , but have a very good knowledge on networking. I could not cure the fault.

The 2nd radio worked great except the no audio (same fault on headphone socket). I tested the firmware update and had the same problem as before.
My advice is not to update the firmware if you get a working radio.

I got my money back , not want a 3rd 60min trip to aldi.

The radio is old stock and was priced at £64.99 last time.
The radios are in stock before the 25th nov. But are not on display yet, ask a member of staff if you want one.

Hope everyone gets a decent one and not a faulty audio one.
remember theres a 3 years guarantee.

p.s. mine found 8500+ stations.
Thanks "Whyme" , My first Logik IR100 also hung after a firmware update and would not re-boot on its own. I had to turn the power off and then it started OK. But after a few uses on listening to the radio it started to have boot up problem when switched on from the mains. I had to return it to Currys the following day for another brand new one. This second one updated the firmware and rebooted on its own no problem! All in all I think the price point of these radios at less than £100 is at the bleeding edge of technology and the Linux software+ firmware are just not there in quality of software programming yet. There is no additional software programming to trap errors and to process error states. Moreover the programming should allow for re-instatment of factory version of firmware should a problem develops. As the IR100 and the Tevion use the same radio chip technology (Reciva) then I think the firmwarfe problem exist in both units. Anyway, hopefully the second generation Internet Radio will be a lot better in reliability. In the case of the Tevion there is also a question of quality of the build too! However one cannot really expect a quality product from a budget supermarket. I think I hold on a bit and see. [COLOR="Red"]Can any one comment if Tevion unit failed after a few months' of use or is the failure within days only?[/COLOR] I mean once it is working after a few days then it should work for a long time ( at least 6 mths to 1 year)?
I should have made it more clear the updating of the firmware is upto the user.
You don't have to update the firmware.
In my short use of the radio i found the firmware update a manual process.
All my problems with this product relate to the audio, But must point out again after updating the firmware the rest of the problems occured.
In my opinion don't update the firmware and make sure you get a radio with working audio.

On a seperate issue but including this radio... i find a lot of the aldi/tevion devices eg. hard drive recorder etc...
To have a software issue which totally wrecks a very good piece of electronics.
If only they could get the software/firmware right.
Got one yesterday, picked up over 8000 stations !!!

Firmware update worked fine and no lock ups yet. Sometimes the menu can be slow to toggle through.

But all in all it's wicked, definitely agree it's all DAB should have been. The fact you can pick up Radio stations from ALL over the world is simply amazing.

The presets are limited to only 5 per FM/IR which is a bit low considering and bass and treble are best left set to defaults.

Aside from that it's a fantastic piece of technology :thumbsup:
Voted Hot Kommunist because, having read your post, I checked out the DigitalSpy and Reciva forum posts on this little beastie. Having worked out that the latest firmware update fixes the boot-up, lock-up, and several other problems (that other Reciva radios suffer from too) I took the plunge and bought this morning. I am pleased with the set and the price compares very well with other web offerings. Bonus is that this one can be used on FM if the router is not on or you are out of router range.

It's working very well. Had it on for a couple of hours before using the "Register" option followed by the "Firmware Upgrade" option. The audio seems to be a little clearer following the upgrade and I've had no problems with it whatsover. It has a phones output so will try plugging this into the main stereo system to see how it sounds. You do need to read the forums mentioned above to get the full gist on registering and then upgrading so as to avoid problems and also to understand what features this latest upgrade gives.

I've powered it off and back on again several times and no problems booting up. Yes it is a bit slow connecting to the network and then buffering but it remembers the last station that it was connected to, connects to the network and then buffers and plays that station. Currently listening to CapitalGold and it has been faultless for about an hour now.

Someone asked about the presets. It's 10 on Internet Radio and 10 on FM on mine - not the 5/5 as previous poster said. Just checked that - preset 2 on IR is Capital Gold and on FM it comes up with Radio 2 so the same button has a different station dependant on the radio mode i.e. ten per mode.

Also it was mentioned on one of the forums that you can use Reciva's MY STUFF software to organise your favourite stations to avoid having to cycle through each time. Still waiting for my registration on the Reciva website to be acknowledged before I can check this out so I can't really explain how it works. Has anyone else tried this? I am assuming that it will allow you to organise a list of favourites etc. and then download this to the radio.

Not yet tried the media player bit but I have an exterior networked Buffalo drive where all my MP3 files are housed and I am assuming that I can play all these without the PC having to be powered up.

All in all I am pleased with this set. Much better than the DAB c**p that we struggled with previously and the sound quality is just as good.
Hi Pugwash, great review - wish we had an Aldi near us. Would really like to try an internet radio and this seems a good deal.

Out of interest do you know how does it deal with a slightly 'up and down' internet connection? We've broadband but are a fair way out in the countryside and the line sometimes 'drops' without fully disconnecting. Would it buffer and keep playing do you think?
Anyone else got a decent radio?
If so i will try a third radio but buy it from a different aldi store.
I have since spoke to the aldi store i bought mine from and found out they have had several returns with the same fault. Most faults occuring within the 1st couple of hours to 24 hours.
They said that about 60% had been returned so far.
I think its just a faulty batch.
Remember you have a 3 years guarantee and aldi are great at refunds or replacements.
Any more feedback would be greatly recieved.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for information guys, just to add my tuppence regarding Media Player functionality.

First of all, it doesn't need UPnP server to be installed on your PC - SMB partition is enough. So, if you like me got NAS with all the music sitting there, it'll stream directly from NAS, no need for PC to be involved.
The UPnP functionality is fairly basic and similar to what you'll get with SMB (apart from transcoding from some strange format, of course :)). The only downside in case of SMB is that it must have write permissions for the partition as it is trying to create some cache file (.reciva_media_cache_serialnumber_en_GB_v589_a_516_035)
If your media collection is big, expect this file to be several megabytes. In this case the rescan process will take LONG time - half an hour in my case.
Strangely, I didn't manage to find way to play these files straight away - Tevion is expecting some playlist for it. So I created playlist in Winamp that included all the files and saved to the same disk. Tevion then decided to rescan directories again. Ouch! Another half an hour wait...
Once files were scanned, I added it to Play Queue, and it took another 10 minutes or so before playback began.

On power failure (I unplugged it from mains and plugged it back after 5 minutes or so), the radio's clock was reset but what is more important that Play Queue is not preserved! Which means, it'll take half an hour before radio will play music off hard drive, as it needs to rescan directories, select playlist, load playlist data, etc.
Regarding UPnP AV server, things are not quite better. First of all, it refused to work with Twonkyvision 4.4 running on my NAS. The radio sees NAS, but when track is selected, the radio just keep saying "connecting". Don't know what's wrong there and, to be honest I am too lazy to spend time on it anyway.
It works pretty well with TVersity though. But that dreadful 'Queue is empty' message is still there. I don't get why everything must be added to queue? I know that Reciva guys are English, but why bring their love to queues into media world? No offence to Englishmen (and women)

The sound is exactly what you would expect from tiny speakers. It is OK for radio but don't expect to wake up your neigborhood with it. Think of Tesco Value boombox - that what you'll get in terms of sound.

To answer somebody's question: there is no remote but headphone socket is there. Apart from headphone socket and power, there are no other connectors on the device.

The radio doesn't support for non-Latin alphabets (no Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, etc). Which kind of defies the idea of this being "world radio" in my opinion.

Switching to FM mode and back to IR causes radio to reinitialize network and sometimes it loses it completely - don't know what is the reason of it.

So.. to conclude: it works perfectly as Internet Radio (and no, there were no sudden disconnects or reboots since I started to play with it), but as Media Player is sucks big time. If I want to listen to music, I am not prepared to wait an hour or so just to add things to 'queue'. I want it to start playing immediately.
Hi smallblueplanet,

Difficult to say as I'm on an upto 8Mbs and we're only about half a mile from the exchange in the village. Throughput was about 3.8Mbs tonight when I was running the radio (checked speed via thinkbroadband.com) and there were no dropouts I was using the pc at the same time. Interestingly when I tried my laptop yesterday on the same stations there were one or two difficulties (errors in connecting etc.) but that is because the laptop is also using its CPU and RAM to do other things at the same time (I think). The internet radio on the other hand only does the one thing and so, perhaps, has more resources to devote to playing the radio.

One thing to note that will happen with all internet radios and that is non-connecting sometimes because the server is full (has reached the number of listeners it can cope with) or other server problems. It's not like receiving something through the aether where the number of listeners doesn't make any difference.

My advice would be to try your pc or laptop via the reciva website ([url]www.reciva.com[/url]) and see how it copes with listening to a variety of stations on there. The reason being that this is where the internet radio connects to to do the same thing. If it has lots of dropouts then you might have a problem. If its only the occasional one then you might well be okay.

My question on MY STUFF has been answered in the last couple of pages of the manual. Set up an account on the reciva website, register the radio (need serial and register number which can be found in the Config menu of the radio) and then add the radio stations you would like to listen to on your MY STATIONS list. Next time the radio is powered on it will connect and download this list which can be found under STATIONS, MY STUFF, STATION LIST. With 8204 stations to scroll through on the standard list this self-made list can be quite handy.
A couple of updates.

1. Could not get it to play mp3 from my Buffalo Link networked hard drive as it needs a server. Will have to look into whether I can get the Link hard drive to act as a server in its own right or not. If not then I will have to have the pc switched on in order to play these mp3s. In this case Windows Media Player (which I do not like) acts as the server.

2. Listening to Radio 2 this morning (I know but I am old!) and it kept losing the stream and rebuffering (fine on Capital Gold). I had noticed yesterday that there are a number of streams for Radio 2 so I chose a different one and now it is quite happy with no breaks in the stream. Just something to be aware of - if there is more than one stream for a particular station try them all as one may be better than the others - don't ask me why there are so many, particularly for the BBC stations. I was going to blame the radio but it wasn't at fault.

From my experience there is no need for server as it can search for 'Windows shares'. The 'Windows shares' in Tevion/Reciva speak is SMB, which I am sure Linkstation is capable of. At least, Tevion managed to find my Slug (Linksys NSLU2) shares without any problem. However, the showstopper for me is that it need to scan files every time power was lost and it takes a long time (I have roughly 300 CDs sitting on Slug - I converted my entire CD collection into MP3). This makes the whole idea of streaming MP3s from NAS to Tevion unusable for me.
As to UPnP AV server, I've got Twonky on NAS but Tevion doesn't seem to be able to work with it - it keeps saying "Connecting" when track is selected. It works pretty well with TVersity but as all tracks needs to be added to Queue, it takes half an hour or so.

In short, I am going to bring it back to Aldi.

Thanks for that. I have checked and my router is upnp enabled and the Link Station is connected to it directly by cable. However it is the basic H series Link Station so it may need some modifying (I have read about Open Source hacks in order to turn this Link Station into upnp itself) although I note what you say about yours.

Not that worried because if I really want to stream the music from this hard drive I can run up my laptop on wifi and plug that into the stereo as it is separate from my main pc. I really bought the Tevion for its radio facility. However, I will keep searching the web and see if a solution can be found but it's not top priority at the moment.

I have now completed the MY STUFF/MY STATIONS list and the Tevion downloads the list with no problems. Using this list I have programmed each of the 10 presets with my 10 most-listened-to. I can confirm that the 10 presets stored on FM are different to the 10 stations stored on IR. I have also discovered more stations that have more than one stream and the Tevion doesn't like some of them. Where there is an alternative stream this usually cures the problem and I have found the WMA streams seem to be most reliable.

It's really good to program in stations such as Radio Caroline, Big L & Offshore Music Radio. Takes me back to my youth when I had a transistor radio permanently glued to my ear listening to the pirates long before the BBC played 'real' current music.

Plugged it into the stereo and it sounds okay after adjusting the tone controls somewhat. So much so that I may buy a second set to leave permanently plugged in whilst using the first as a 'portable'.
Just a quick update;
I have bought a 3rd radio but from a different aldi store.
Before i bought i asked about returns there answer was none.
On testing i found this radio to work perfect, But have not updated firmware yet.
Only tested the fm and internet radio so far , no problems so far on the audio problems that i occured.
Will be testing everything else on wednesday - friday when i get time. Love this radio lets hope i have no problems.
Only get 83% signal when radio is next to router.
Only tested for a short time.
Great radio for its price.
Third time is lucky then
You could say that.
But it was all down to a faulty batch at one store.
Well i hope it was.
The 3rd one works different , the start up is diff. and the set up is easier.
Think i got unlucky and got old stock for the first 2,
even thought the radios are old stock any way.
Spoke to the helpline and was told not to update the firmware yet as after update the became unstable and become faulty.
Shame you can't back date the firmware to check.
Just realised never voted hot. SORRY.
Voted hot cos it is hot.... Try getting a better internet radio for this price.
Also voted hot cos the checkout op is very hot in both stores.
Wow must have been lucky picking up my one. Updated firmware just fine and it's working perfectly....so far so good
Purchased one today. Very pleased. Thankyou.
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