Tevion USB Turntable reduced in store £29.99 at Aldi

Tevion USB Turntable reduced in store £29.99 at Aldi

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LocalFound 2nd Jan 2011
Tevion USB Turntable reduced from £39.99 to £29.99 in store.

Plug into your computer and convert your vinyl to MP3. Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac (no version stated on the box).

Could not find a link to it online so the deal button takes you to the Aldi homepage, sorry.

My mistake, it is a Tevion and not a Medion!!
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Not UK Link but details here if it helps


This Version only Plays Rolf Harris LPs !!!!
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Not UK Link but details here if it … Not UK Link but details here if it helps[url=http://www.aldi.com.au/au/html/offers/2827_5583.htm]http://www.aldi.com.au/au/html/offers/2827_5583.htm[/url]This Version only Plays Rolf Harris LPs !!!!

Thanks Boz
Do you have to down load the LP or singles to pc or can you just plug it into pc and listen to your music as & when? I have lots of old LP's and not sure what the quality is like as I had a lot of them for about 25 years so would like to listen to some and check quality first so if I could listen to them before downloading this would be what I'm after.
It works exactly like copying to tape from vinyl so everything is done manually in real time. Advantage being yes you can easily just listen to the records without committing, disadvantage being theres no quick way around ripping the music.
Not sure what the free software is like but it will likely look like a tape recorder and will function similar.
It will do what you want.

Cracking deal if you ask me.
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Not set it up yet but this comes with Audacity software and it also has a 3 year warranty.
Sounds like a great buy for the money with that good a warranty. You would be able to use with Soundforge or better retail software if you cant get on with Audacity.

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I brought this before christmas for £34.99 and just finding it hard to understand the software,i've yet to figure out how to convert the songs to mp3,and even find the saved files within software.And when recording songs you can only hear a faint sound from player it doesn't play through computer.
Pretty sure Audacity is a good free software. Sounds like somethings not working right for u smurfy
audacity is free
set this up for a punter while back
not the most user friendly but does what it says on the tin
How is it as just a vinyl player (ripping aside?). Would people who own one say it's a decent budget player?
If you value your vinyl then i would suggest you look elsewhere, its worth paying more to ensure you get both a decent player & the PC transfer facility.
The quality of the player is poor at best.
Thanks Garv. I don't have a record player at the mo, I need a new one - and the whole transfer thing made this deal tempting as I wasn't considering that option before. I'll have a look around, as it's a feature I quite fancy.
Depends what your transferring. Cant polish **** as they say. I paid £130 for a USB deck and its ok but not great. Plugged a Technics turntable into a £400 Firewire interface using a phono/line converter but thats £800 of stuff, ofcourse it sounded great but for your average punter wanting to rip there battered old worthless disco vinyl to mp3 you wont go to wrong.
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where did you buy this, it's still 39.99 in my local Aldi?

m_will,where did you buy this, it's still 39.99 in my local Aldi?

Hi Biff

I found this at: -

ALDI Leicester
Leicester LE3 5GH

They had 5 or 6 on display on Sunday lunchtime.
i bought one too just before christmas and when i have installed the software it keeps coming up its incompatible...now im stuck for a return as i cant find the receipt..
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