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Posted 17 January 2023

Petrol - £1.399 Per Litre / Diesel - £1.659 Per Litre @ Texaco (Warstock Birmingham)

In store: Birmingham · Texaco Deals
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  1. Backinamo's avatar
    So fed up with the variances in fuel prices and you can easily pay 20p a litre higher than cheaper options. Lets all move into a commune and shun society.
  2. awhitham's avatar
    £1.327 today at Morrisons in Stockport so this sounds Expensive !
  3. dlo247's avatar
    Lately Tesco Swan has been the cheapest for Diesel in Brum, aside from Costco which requires membership and a lot of queueing for fuel sometimes.
  4. Phoenix_eu's avatar
    I recommend PetrolPrice apps. You can check the current price in your area
  5. Barboo's avatar
    49340633-zVkVq.jpgThis was in Liverpool last month. Scary the difference in areas. 
  6. MKad1's avatar
    How can this be a deal, they’ve been making a fortune off our backs for decades
  7. 1ks's avatar
    Same in Asda Wolverhampton and Sainsburys Wolverhampton. Total energy Blakenhall £136.7 unleaded. (edited)
  8. amz84uk's avatar
    26p difference between diesel and unleaded!

    This is a garage fairly local to me, and has very competitive prices. They had fuel when everyone had run out dry last year!
  9. wakkaday's avatar
    Bloody bp and shell everywhere near me and total rip off
  10. ahenners's avatar
    Paid 160.7 for diesel at Asda yesterday, 165 isn't cheap.
  11. jrw's avatar
    177.9 the BP at the end of my drive has come down too today

    At least I've found one disadvantage of moving away from Wolves.
  12. NCS's avatar
    Texaco diesel £1.59 in Portadown/Northern Ireland for over a month now -- waitin on it comin down more
  13. J2X's avatar
    Price is down but hasn't been a budge in fuel prices for weeks. Costco near me has been 1.36 for 3 weeks now
  14. Backinamo's avatar
    Paid 1.75.9 this morning as running on low. Been waiting for fuel to drop in sw london for ages. I could have got for 173.9 at tescos but wasnt possible due to roadworks and traffic.
  15. Sallos19's avatar
    Well spotted @teammate2k Thanks for posting your first deal!
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