Texas Poker Set £1.49 instore

Texas Poker Set £1.49 instore

Found 9th Jul 2007
Instore at Asda now there are some absolute bargains. Lots of clothes and toys reduced. I got a profossional Texas Poker Set (200 chip size) for £1.49 at the Accrington Store. For holidays or friends and family get togethers this is an absolute bargain. They also have 25% off home and garden products.


This has been posted before


This has been posted before

A link would be useful?

Hope this is nationwide i've been looking for a cheap texas hold'em set for a while. Great game to play with friends and family at christmas or after a night at the pub. I know what im going to be doing when i finish work.

I bought this set from Yarmouth on holiday, just been into Lincoln and they sell an even better set with steel briefcase for £1.50 !!
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