Texet 1.5" digital photo frame £4.50 in store Wilkinsons

Texet 1.5" digital photo frame £4.50 in store Wilkinsons

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Found 10th Jan 2009
Just bought this and im very impressed with it. £9 down to £4.50 and loads on the shelf in Eccles- but it's not on the website. Note- colour is black- grabbed the pic from amazon where it sells for £8.99.

Its a photo frame with clock and alarm, usb powered with built in lithium rechargable power, the screen is clear and has a resolution similar to 1st gen ipod nanos. Best bit is the built in software, its not a drag and drop thing to put pics on, the software runs from the photo frame and doesnt install on yr PC, it automatically resizes your pics into bmps without having to do it manually to condense the file sizes, and lets you chose the bit of the pic to crop to make it square for the 1.5" screen. Holds over 100 photos. Because its an egg shape and weighted it has no stand, you can wobble it about and spin it and it'll right itself eventually! Good price and shouldnt take too much power which is always good.


Oooo its pink,i like it..lol

I don't live too far from you:thumbsup:

The missis had a white one as a leaving present from work and its been sitting on the side for a couple of weeks. This post prompted me to give it a go and its actually pretty neat. Very tempted to get one myself to sit on the desk at work. Hot.
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