TEXET Bluetooth Keyboard iMAC lookalike £5.00 @ B&M

TEXET Bluetooth Keyboard iMAC lookalike £5.00 @ B&M

Found 28th Jan 2015
Firstly, look...I know this is a blatant copy of the imac keyboard.

I have an imac and the quality of this one is not the same, it was never going to be. It is however as close to one as they could get without Apple stomping on their faces.

Now thats out of the way....as a keyboard on its own merit, its not all that bad. Connected to my laptop straight away and will be perfect for the use I have in store for it.

It was marked down from £10 to £5 in B&M Stockton, I asked the assistant if it was a national mark down and she said it was.

I would not have felt bad paying 4 or 5 times that amount.
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If I saw this on Amazon at £15, I wouldn't think it looked out of place. So for a fiver, I think you've got yourself a bargain.
Test that it pairs with your device if you can, my one wouldn't pair with any my android devices.
Been this price for 2 month now, national depending on stores stock
always been £14 in the Exeter store?
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