Texet Laminator and Paper Trimmer £5 instore Tesco York (Tadcaster)

Texet Laminator and Paper Trimmer £5 instore Tesco York (Tadcaster)

LocalFound 6th Oct 2017
I saw this a few weeks back reduced to £15 and a couple of days ago it was down to £10. Went to pick one up today for work and they’d dropped to £5!!

Value pack includes;
Paper Trimmer
50 laminator pouches

Found at Tesco York (Tadcaster) reduced to clear. Potentially nationwide.
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Would the paper trimmer be adequate for a bris?..... my dear friend ishmael's ceremony is in a few days, and the Rabbi seems to have gone A.W.O.L
Thanks for passing on the news of your find. I kept seeing this pack at a special offer price of £15 and I heard that it went down to £10, but couldn't find one in my local store. I ventured over today and they had one left on the shelf - I couldn't resist as I need some cardboard passes laminating so that they stay in good condition.

I doubt all Tesco stores will have them and my box was a bit damaged, but the contents are fine and the laminator works well. I'm sure you'd struggle to just get a paper trimmer or just the pouches for £5, so a fiver for everything, I think it's a good buy.
Op. Wait another week and you'd get it for £2.50 ........ Oops too late you've posted on Hukd deals
For JB74 try moellisons or even Tescmoel .also Sainsbriss
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