Texhnolyze Complete Collection (15) DVD - £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Texhnolyze Complete Collection (15) DVD - £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line

Texhnolyze Complete Collection (15) DVD - £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line

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A good £15 saving on anywhere else. Pretty good for a total of 600mins entertainment across 6 discs.

I've not seen it myself but am told it's deep, dark, psychological, violent and brilliant.

I've also heard complaints about the slow burning story, so if fast paced action is your thing steer clear of this one.

It's from the same guys behind Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Ranmei so if they're your cup of tea then this should be right up your street.

Here's the spiel:
Ichise's grief only allows him to enjoy the pain of the fighting pits in the underground city of Lukuss. However, when a gang punishes Ichise by cutting his arm and leg off, his will to live overcomes the odds and attracts the attention of the ruling Orugano syndicate that controls the cybernetic Texhnolyze technology which is usually reserved for the elite.

Meanwhile, an outsider has come down to the city and, along with a young psychic girl, the dominos are beginning to fall in the seething unrest of the city as their paths slowly intertwine with Ichise's.
"Between the extremes of the experimental storytelling, moody music, horrific setting, fairly graphic sex and violence and beautifully rendered art, Texhnolyze would likely draw viewers even if it didn't have a story at all." Science Fiction Weekly

"Texhnolyze is a series that's many things right from the start. " Anime on DVD

"It almost belongs more in the foreign film section than with the rest of the anime on the shelf ..." Anime News Network


Now I just need Serial Experiments Lain

Original Poster


Now I just need Serial Experiments Lain

Me too :-)


Me too :-)

Me three.
Sadly all of the Yoshitoshi ABe works have been either rare or priced relatively highly so this is the first one I'll be getting my hands on.

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I just looked up Haibane Renmei on eBay :o, I'm sitting on a gold mine.

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for that matter I just looked this up on eBay too, seems you could buy this and sell it on eBay for a tidy profit.

Been interested in watching this, will probbly get it ordered over the weekend, will have to see how much money i've got left after the MCM Expo :).

Manga have already mentioned alot of there deals over twitter that they are going to have, already have like 70£ earmarked for spending

Expired: This weeks special is Samurai 7 - should be good
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