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Free Travel on TFL London Transport New Year's Eve/Day 23:45 - 04:30  @ TFL
31/12/2018 23:45Starts at 31/12/2018 23:4501/01/2019 at 04:30Expires on 01/01/2019 at 04:30Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Just a heads up / reminder that there will be free travel on TFL public transport from 23:45 on New Year's Eve until 04:30 on New Year's Day. Appreciate this may not be new for som… Read more
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Hehehehehehehe.. I believe you mean New Year's Eve to New Year's Day?, lol. ;-)


Wow lets all hit the underground on New years day for a treat (lol) (highfive)


Don't worry, next Year I'll also Post this very same one, but on 2nd January 2019!. Well in time for the then yet advancing 31st December 2019/1st January 2020 impending 'freebie' ... ;-) Loooooool. :-D


"person on the track". Some x-Years back (I won't go into specifics, but), but pretty much every other Day when I was on the train to work, the train I was on was alwayyyys being delayed 'mid-cycle' - be it on the platform itself, halfway between stops, or both (but more often than not, we were always caught midway, between platforms). And the majority (though not solely mind), it was predominantly because someone had chosen to throw themselves onto the train tracks ... It would always delay the hell out of my initial journey time (as we can only well imagine?). This (obviously for more reason's than that of just one alone), after a while used to baffle me (at first). Then both confuse AND baffle me (secondly). Then scare the living daylights out of me?! (thirdly). Thinking to myself, "There are people out there that obviously DON'T see away of a 'certain way out', so they ... " Yep!, freakily SCARYYYYY INDEED?!. :-( (It definately can make one wonder at time's?).


You must not travel at peak times then, always delayed due to signal failures, person on the track, faulty train or because TFL just felt like it.

Go and discover this winter - travel in Zones 2-6 for £1.50 with TFL
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Help line the pockets of TFL this Christmas. Please give generously... Circle line: sightseeing From Buckingham Palace to Spiritland, there’s no shortage of sights on… Read more

Come on! It's a deal, it's a steal, it's sale of the Century. Sadiq charging us only £1.50 in zones 2 to 6. This is London we're talking about. It costs you £1 to pee at Liverpool St. station. With this capped fare, you'll save $million$

Railcards can be "set" to Oyster cards, save 34% on tube, DLR, and train travel in London over contactless
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Thought i would point this out, as many people especially those not resident in London, may not be aware that their railcard (any kind except Two Together) can be "set" or electron… Read more

So is an oyster card generally cheaper than using contactless as you go in and out? Whether you have a railcard or not?


If you have a Annual Season Ticket just for Mainline trains you can add this to your Oyster card and receive an off peak travel discount.


Doesnt look like it, from page : The discount cannot be set on an Oyster card. This is under the Friends and Family section & also Network Railcard, however Senior card can.


I have the same question. Can Friends and family railcard be attached to oyster ?


If you have a 16-25, 26-30, Senior, HM Forces or Disabled Persons Railcard, the Railcard discount can be set on your Oyster card [...]

Oyster Card Refund £3-£5 plus existing credit
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
I was reading an article on MSE about Oyster card refunds so thought I would check mine. I use contactless now so don’t need my Oyster card. Turns out I had £20 credit on there plu… Read more

In their defence logged on easily after mine being dead for nearly 4 years, had forgotten password and email but it was easy enough sorted and money paid back within a few days. Thanks OP worked for me!


t"top up online" good luck with that, you could be waiting till monday until you see your tenner topup....great for the weekend before that! But they dont tell you it will be delayed topup UNTIL you've paid. TFL is easily the worst system I have ever used anywhere, and sadly a lot of it is down to Oyster "its not our fault, call Oyster, we dont do our own transport system RUBBISH"


Clearly states it won't let create account unless travelled in the past 8 weeks & provided security question and answer... Catch 22 with creating account or topping up online! (mad)


Got an email from TFL that my refund has now been processed I wonder how many refund requests they had?


Thanks OP. I had no idea at all about this, but now I'm awaiting a refund. (highfive)

TFL Bus Pass V Travelcard value for money heads up.
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
TFL Bus Tube travel is ticketed on a Zone system Zone 1 is the city working outwards fir our purposes to Zone 6. (All prices correct at time of post) A TFL bus pass (none discount… Read more
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One day Travel cards now start at 1-6


Further to this, if you do have a railcard you can add the discount on to your Oyster card, you have to do it at a national rail station but it can get you discounts on a variation of different travel options


Also, off peak day travel card purchased after 9 am is valid on evening peak.


Thanks for explaining how the zones work, didn’t understand this


Also worth noting for those who don't know that any travelcard covering either Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5 or Zone 6 (or combinations) is also valid on any part of the Tram network around Croydon

Free Santander Cycles for 24 Hour until issue resolved
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Just received an email where it says there is an issue in their app and therefore using the code HIRENOW18 on any terminal will give them free 24 HR cycle. Do remember you have to … Read more

Psst OP, just to clarify, my previous comment was in relation to the comments before that asking/discussing/explaining about the ‘Dear Sir Madam’.... it is very easily googled. I wasn’t referring to your deal here :) which rightly deserves heat


If you’re an early bird 6:30am like me, do not get it. You will struggle to find space as they are all full in the morning and it takes you to the next bike station and if that’s full cycle continues lol I managed to find one on the 3rd go but it was so far I ended up getting work 25mins late. Riding time to work is 20mins, I could have walked there faster lol I complained and didn’t even get a response. Bought a bike of my own now


This, I will call it 'Boris bike' idea is great until you see them being used for things like the naked bike ride in Brighton for instance. Then it's a whole different ball game (sorry about the pun)


I'm surprised you'd type such a pointless comment.


I'm surprised there are so many comments about something that is very easily googled.

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Free travel (after £10 admin fee) on National Rail for kids (5-10) in London
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Free travel (after £10 admin fee) on National Rail for kids (5-10) in London
So this may be well publicised in London and not a new deal, but occasional visitors like me might not be aware that if you purchase an Oyster Zip card for your kids you can get fr… Read more

With the highest earnings...


Cold, more chavs on buses


London council tax payers fund this with additional payment to GLR (London Mayor) who then fund this service via TFL, including free bus travel for under 18s, so they use bus rather than get driven to school, thus helping to reduce traffic congestion. My bill has extra £359.61 charge to cover my contribution. So Londoners are not getting a freebie


I said overground not underground. There is overground from Norwood junction which I live round the corner from. I don’t need a card thanks. We travel on overground, tube, bus, tram & car. I commented because you was wrong.


Or the politicians!

Free London Train Badge
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Free London Train Badge
Grab your FREE badge to let other passengers on public transport know that you would like to be offered a seat. Just fill in the short online form with your name, postal details an… Read more
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Why is this expired?, lol.


glad someone got the joke :D


Hey get one for each cheek


And thtz onlee th inglsh


My fat ass could do with one of these

London Transport Museum £10 Annual Pass (Save up to 42%)
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
£10.00 annual ticket this weekend only - save up to 42% compared to the standard adult price Visit the Museum for the ultimate World Cup extravaganza. We will be giving away a lim… Read more

Saw this elsewhere and bought a pass today. I've not been to the LT Museum since it was in Gunnersbury. I would imagine that almost all of today's buses and trains hadn't even been designed that far back.


They got a new little machine which they need to abide by. Which tells them to stand at a bus stop for a few minutes if they're too close to the next bus. This as opposed to the past when controllers told them to slow down. There are now more buses, stops and routes than there have ever been. There is now more traffic on Londons roads then there has ever been. There are now more cyclist lanes then there ever been. a There are more events and demonstrations in London than there has ever been. There are more road works, gas works causing major disruption to Londons roads than there has ever been. I loved the old routemasters. You can still ride the no.15 from trafalgar sq. To Tower Bridge. But u can see. They had their flaws too. But imo TFL is still one of the best in the world. Its aging but has been through a lot of modernisation.


Empirical research mate, I've lost count of the times I just get off and walk. The old buses with the open platform and conductors were amazing, their drivers were trained at the Chiswick training school on a the skid pan and were the best in the world , they were even disciplined for not making reasonable headway, now they're told to hang around at stops. Hopeless!


nice deal OP . - do kids under 12 still get free entry here?



TFL guide for London underground users with limited mobility free @ TFL
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
TFL guide for London underground users with limited mobility free @ TFL
A freebie I found while helping a disabled friend around London. This is not new but I am sure not a lot of people are aware of this resource. Guides online and paper copies col… Read more

Great work, tanks


Thanks OP. A great find (y) Extremely useful. Heat added. (highfive) (highfive)


Yes they do, under 11 years travel free on the underground


I was gonna say how will it work if the guide is disabled?(In a sense where the guide is a non living entity i know some of the sensitive people would jump on what I've said)


Do under 3 year olds travel for free?

Explore London from £1.50 - TFL single off peak fare zone 2 to 6
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
TfL’s (Transport for London) off-peak fares mean your half-term travel costs next to nothing. Off-peak applies on weekdays between 9.30am and 4pm, plus all day at weekends and on b… Read more
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Yes, but there aren't any pink card reader in zone 1. If you go onto the single fare finder and put in two stations, it will tell you the price of the journey, then the price avoiding zone 1 and tell you where to touch the card reader . I can travel from Heathrow to Upminster, 60 miles by road, for £1.50 but it tells me to change at Gunnersbury and Stratrofd and touch the pink card readers there. I could, if I wanted, travel right through zone 1 as long as I touch those card readers along the way. But it would make the journey longer overall so what's the point in doing that?


So can you simply just go through zone 1 and touch the pink Oyster?


You have to touch pink card readers to say you haven't.


How do they know if you had gone through zone 1? What if I got to zone 2 without entering zone 1


£1.50 Single fare applies to Zone 2 to 6 within TFL Services. National Rail station fares might vary. Please use the link below to calculate fares:

Heathrow connect is now TFL Rail. Save on your journey between Paddington to Heathrow
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Use your Oyster card, London Zone1to6 Travel Card, Contactless payment cards and Save on your journey between Paddington and Heathrow in London!! The heathrow connect service betw… Read more
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I doubt you are allowed to your Heathrow Express ticket on TFL Rail. Please check with TFL customer contact centre on 0343 222 1234


Yes.. You would anyway need to have a zone 1 to 9 TC to get to Amersham from Heathrow. Now your z1to9 TC will cover your journey on TFL rail (earlier Heathtow connect) between Heathrow T4 and paddington. As earlier you would need to purchase a separate ticket on Heathrow connect.


Will this make it any cheaper to get to Amersham?


I have a Heathrow Express ticket (Advance Purchase), and was wondering if I can use it on a TFL Rail train instead? Reason why I want to do this is because I want to travel from Ealing Broadway to Heathrow now, whereas I had originally planned to travel from Paddington to Heathrow.


Hmm I take it you read the daily fail. Actually the additional cost for tfl rail to Heathrow is due to Heathrow charging for use of their tunnels and privately owned infrastructure. But feel free to spout nonsense about overpaid drivers (y)

TFL free cycle maps
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
TFL free cycle maps
Order free cycle guides from TFL maximum of 6 Only for us southern softies though (London Area) Each guide includes... Signed cycle routes Quieter and less busy routes Green… Read more
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Thanks OP, got mine in post today and many friends are interested too!


They have all these creative accountanats now working for these corporate entities, My guess is they pay less less tax to the government in a form of promoting a healthy lifestyle and less pollution by using a push bike. And No i'm not a accountant or work for TFL either....... Just my opinion


Sod cycling around London, with all those junk food adverts around you are taking your own life in your hands.


I guess you're in one of them ;)


I don't understand why TfL do this. They must spend quite a lot of money on design let alone the actual printing and distribution costs. I've come across a great deal of excellent TfL leaflets over the last few years and to think there isn't an online repository somewhere is fairly disheartening. These are something I'd like to look at but I'm not ordering any, seems like a massive waste of TfL funds to package and ship to me.

London Transport Museum Covent Garden Free Children’s Entry (no limit within reason) with a paying adult (£16 if you book online) Children Aged 0-16
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
London Transport Museum Covent Garden Free Children’s Entry (no limit within reason) with a paying adult (£16 if you book online) Children Aged 0-16
Free Children’s Entry (no limit within reason) with a paying adult (£16 if you book online) Children Aged 0-16 Ideal for Easter
Avatardeleted1797917Get dealGet deal

You can take as many children as you want i beleive. I've taken my twins and a few friends on a couple of occasions by myself with absolutely no problem. And as Gouyave_man said there is no limit to the amount of times you can go in a year. Great place for younger kids. Enjoy


Just a heads up.......Your entry fee allows you to visit as many times in one year


How many kids can one paying adult take? I'm looking for me and my three

London Improved Bus Hopper Fare (now UNLIMITED for £1.50 per hour)
LocalLocalFound 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Launched today, the improved Hopper fare now allows you to make unlimited pay as you go bus and tram journeys within one hour of first touching in, all for £1.50. Make a journey … Read more

Mayor Sadiq khan is taking good steps . Thanks OP


works for me


I want to make max use of this,spending only £1.50 on bus. (y) I knew with the old hopper fare,the longest distance you could travel was by taking the X26 bus (Heathrow to West Croydon) plus another connecting bus (which I think was to Central London). Has any savvy HotUKDealers managed to work out wok the longest distance you can travel with unlimited £1.50 hopper fare? :/


Trains and Trams are two different modes of transport. This is only applies to Buses & Trams


At long last. We'll done mayor

Claim Service Delay Refunds on TFL Tube/Rail, DLR & Emirates Air Line cable cars if more than 15 mins late (30 mins for Overground) @ TFL
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Claim Service Delay Refunds on TFL Tube/Rail, DLR & Emirates Air Line cable cars if more than 15 mins late (30 mins for Overground) @ TFL
If your journey on the TFL Tube or DLR or Emirates AirLine has been delayed by more than 15 minutes or the one on the overground has been delayed by more than 30 minutes you are en… Read more
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Yes thank you for that but my thinking is that e.g. you arrive at your start point at say 08.00 and you get non a train that is say 20 minutes late and you get to your journeys end at 08.41 on a journey that should get you there in 30 minutes do you still get the compensation because the train you arrived on is 31 minutes late, taking into account that if there was no delays at all you would have caught a later train and not been eligible. You caught an already delayed train, instead of your correct ontime train that will arrive later.


Interesting question you pose there?, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. And though I agree with your sentiments on principal alone, I can't comment the same in it's entirety?. I'm not sure which ends of the UK you hail from (London, outside London, outside England altogether - effort. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, etc?), but ... But here in London, those Overhead/Overground Train's are in a never ending stasis of constant Rail Engineering Work's, and/or a random breakdown of same at some point in time regardless? (the Underground/Tube, and/or DLR suffer random one's of the same too, but you specified specifically Overground/Overhead Trains, etc). Though such things like the Engineering Work's tend to more often then not be relegated to that of the Weekend (though NOT always always?), the random breakdowns however are often not?. And, as/when such things arise, when any such/all such quick/effective, and/or immediate remedy of such 'issues' spills over for much longer than liked/accounted for, etc?, then BAM!. Then penalties galore basically?. Penalties galore slapped on by the Government for failing on their duties to their customers, and the transport system too, etc ... (I'm assuming the transport systems actual legal liabilities in the regard to both State and customer is a wee bit more intricate than that? - but that's more-or-less the gist anyway?). And then they in turn have to then compensate the customer this forth too ... Bare in this time 20+ year's back, the train's (Overground or otherwise?), was still with us? - but this compensation system was not - despite train's having their 'ills' even then?. Kinda gives one an idea as to what's occurred of late (eg. Government enforced the compensation scheme, the transport system naturally didn't want it, lol).


How do you get a delay on the underground, they arrive and leave every couple of minutes, any slowing down is normally passenger related, e.g. not letting the doors close. Why should tfl be penalised for that if that happens.


ONLY if you choose to pull them up on it that is? (eg. you CHOOSE to cash it in basically?). As otherwise, you don't get! (as none of it is automatic ... )


I believe it's because surface trains/overground trains etc, take an initial AGE to come? (as compared to that of underground trains, and/or DLR trains, etc?). In the Morning train's are arguably more like 1 every other minute?. Overground trains are more-or-less more in line with 1 every 10-15 minutes+ or so?. So the game is different in that respect I guess?. Plus, in-line with alllllll the constant privatised nature of the whole transport services, those British rail train's have a whole different category of train 'operator' (+ huge fee's to match?!), to that of the normal tube trains and the like anyway?. There you go. :-)

London TFL - Please offer me a seat badge
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
London TFL - Please offer me a seat badge
Many of our customers, particularly disabled people and those with invisible impairments, conditions or illnesses, find it difficult to get a seat. The free 'Please offer me a sea… Read more

I offer seat to pregnant women, elderly(if they look frail) and children on tube. If I am sitting on the blue sticker seat I actively check if somebody needs it more than me, and try to make eye contact/gesture them to take my seat, because a lot of people feel shy about asking. Never offered my seat to women because I consider them my equal, not less capable. I know many of them wear high heels which is painful, but its their lifestyle choice.(if not, its a battle they should fight, I cant help to perpetuate that)


Which part of that link do you take to be evidence of Cornwall 'subsidising' other regions? Presumably: "Did you know the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea delivers the same range of services as Cornwall but has 48% more funding, per resident, to do this with?" ? Noting that they don't bother to link a source to that statement, could you share any more links you have to the detail of what this campaign 'Stand up for Cornwall' / 'Fair' funding actually means /wants to happen? I tried but I could get detail beyond some slogans.. These (sadly dated) docs may shed some light on the situation: (the selective choice of Kensington and Chelsea v Cornwall to represent 'unfairness' to the casual public (when in fact a lot of other places it is even more 'unfair'). Regardless difference in funding doesn't indicate 'subsidisation'. For a council to be 'subsidising' another, this would depend on the council tax and general tax revenues received by residents of each area. I do agree there is a case for poorer areas getting more fundings than 'richer' areas (although its rarely that simple) but that is subsidisation and it certainly takes place already (from London to everywhere else inc. Cornwall). Not sure if you are also disagreeing with my comment re the EU. But that's pretty clear subsidy:




'HAHA' Cornwall subside nothing. In fact London (and the rest of country (and EU!)) subsidise Cornwall.


Oddly enough, when i was a kid, it was expected that you gave up your seat for an adult. Guess what, i never fell over. If a child is too young to be steady on it's feet, it can always sit on the accompanying adult's lap.

London, No Congestion Charge(usually £11.50 a day !!) - 25th Dec 2017 till 2nd Jan 2018
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
London, No Congestion Charge(usually £11.50 a day !!) - 25th Dec 2017 till 2nd Jan 2018
Some days where it doesn't cost you more (beyond the drive time and traffic potentially) :) to drive into the heart of London. There is no congestion charge between Christmas Day… Read more
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Glad that helped (highfive)


​Thx. Silly me, since it started I thought the T charge was applicable 24hrs including weekends. So stopped going to London So if any of you Londoners feel the air has worsened on Xmas day... Blame our car


Follows the same rule as the Congestion Charge - here is the information from a newspaper article, hope it helps.


How about the T Charge? Also not charged? I tried to find out. We have an old car :(


Point taken, not my friend :) Peace out man - have a merry Xmas.

New Year's Eve FREE Travel on ALL TFL LONDON TRANSPORT 23:45 - 04:30 just hop on
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
New Year's Eve FREE Travel on ALL TFL LONDON TRANSPORT 23:45 - 04:30 just hop on
Free travel will be available from 23:45 on 31 December 2017 to 04:30 on 1 January 2018 on London buses, Tube, Tram, DLR and London Overground. Happens every year - more like a r… Read more
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Came straight from the TFL website, so if at all, you should complain to the TFL :) Happy new year either ways - have a safe one.


Only underground and buses this shit was misleading


Arriva have never done this here, sadly. As a thanks to all their customers here they are withdrawing some very popular, reasonably priced tickets and replacing them with more expensive ticket.


Totally - never said otherwise :) Happy new year to you.


Its always been free every year

TFL Oyster app for Android and IOS
Found 3rd Nov 2017Found 3rd Nov 2017
TFL Oyster app for Android and IOS
Features of the appOnce you've signed in to the app, you'll be able to: Top up your pay as you go credit Buy adult rate 7 Day, Monthly and Annual Travelcards Check your pay as… Read more
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how will this work if you have android pay active in the same phone? how would system know not to take money from android pay? just wordering...


It is a free deal . It is very useful if you lived in London.


How much does this usually cost to make it a deal? Or is it just a conversation about an app?


So as I said, old card was £3


Deposit for the oyster card has been £5 for years. It was £3 a very long time ago after it stopped being free.