That Mitchell & Webb Look - Series 1 [DVD] £2.85 @ Amazon

That Mitchell & Webb Look - Series 1 [DVD] £2.85 @ Amazon

Found 7th Mar 2010Made hot 7th Mar 2010
Not as good as Peep Show, but still very, very good! This is just a sketch show from David Mitchell and Robert Webb, containing some fantastic writing and timing, and generally some fantastic sketches.
'Numberwang' is one that reccures frequently, it's just a game show that makes absolutely no sense and is just a load of rubbish, but in a good way. The last few sketches of it though offer a 'Wordwang' and a German 'Numberwang'.
The sketch with the two snooker commentators is another reccuring one. There are too many sketches to go through them all, but they are all fabulous.
Definitely worth wasting three hours of your life watching, and if you like this, why not try buying the four 'Peep Show' series, or their 'Magicians' film. It's all brilliant stuff!

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Great series, and now at 3 squids delivered.

Cant be bad



Same price at ]Zavvi and ]The Hut, albeit with a slightly longer delivery period. Not a bad price, although most retailers are only about £1 more.

Thats Numberwang

if you're not bothered by a few ads, and viewing it on your comp... ]http//ww…ook
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