Thats Not My.... Books Box Set £5 @ Tesco (instore and online)

Thats Not My.... Books Box Set £5 @ Tesco (instore and online)

Found 10th Dec 2009
Touchy-feely books that helps very young children develop language and sensory skills.

Box set contains:
Thats not my Teddy
Thats not my Monkey
Thats not my Puppy

Usual rrp is £4 each book!!

Avaiable online through Tesco Groceries (thanks Red1973)
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My daugter has got a few of these, she hasn't got the Monkey or Teddy ones but does have the Puppy amongst others. I'd recommend them anyway :thumbsup:
our kids have these and absolutely love them.:thumbsup: really hard wearing too which is essential:)
Available on Tesco groceries site, thanks just tagged it on to my Christmas food shopping. :-D
these are gorgeous books my neice has 3 xhristmas ones thats not my penquin, snowman and polar bear i think.
These sound interesting, would make a nice present for my 2 yr old brother.
I'm not near a Tesco though, so I presume an online delivery charge will apply?
My God-daughter has the reindeer one of these - been looking everywhere for some more - heat added!
Lovely stocking fillers thankyou.

Can anyone send me the link as i cant find it on

These are great!
I like them never mind my baby lol.
Hiya, that is a really good deal...
Im an Usborne books organiser and the rrp on each of these is actually £5.99 per book!
Can not find them on the site? Searched for them no results found?! Is there a product code or something? Really want to orde these.

Finally found via groceries?! Shame the delivery cost is as much as the books! So won't bother ordering and will check out instore.
I can't find them at all, the Tesco site is horrid for usability. Can anyone give me a hint?

Seriously, after the umpteenth rendition, you actually turn loopy. :whistling:
Cant find this particular boxset, Tesco are selling indivdual books fro mthis series...correct me if im mistaken :stocking:
saw this in my local tesco yesterday its a really good deal, these are usually £5.99 per book, such a shame i already have the dog and monkey book or i definetly woul have grabbed a pack!!:-(
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