That's Not My Reindeer Book £4.00 @ Amazon (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

That's Not My Reindeer Book £4.00 @ Amazon (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

Found 9th Dec 2014
"Helps very young children develop language and sensory skills" - Sheffield City Council; "The brilliantly simple concept is a winner with very young children, trusted by parents and still one of the best baby series on the market" - The Bookseller; "A valuable and enjoyable learning tool." - Junior Parenting Magazine; "This range of books is perfect to share with wriggly toddlers. They're bright, bold, interactive and not too long. The latest addition features lots of foxes for little fingers to touch and sure to be another best-seller." - The Sun;




I love these books,great for kiddies

Yes, it actually is!!!!

no, no.
no flamedeer deals. no

perm ban imo

That's Not The reindeer book That's a Flamedeer reference!
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Heat just for the picture

4.00 PLUS 1.99 p & you should include this in the title so people know the overall price.

Hahaaha, deals with flamedeer references, how original.

hmmm.... cue reindeer spam

I bought from morrisons for £4 last week. No deal! Just another pointless reindeer thread *yawn!*

Hey, HUKD mods, can we have a section for flamedeer posts? So I can filter them out and not see the pointless crap reindeer related things people post at crap prices?

Pro ex new what he was doing.. he aint dumb, he wanted the cold votes.
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