The 12 Days of Logitech Sale (LAST DAY - 25% off anything in-stock)

The 12 Days of Logitech Sale (LAST DAY - 25% off anything in-stock)

Found 2nd Dec 2009Made hot 3rd Dec 2009
From 1st December through to the 12th Logitech will have a special sale on for a different item each day.

If it's ok i'll just keep updating this thread to reflect the daily offer.

Each new daily deal goes live at 8am! See below for exactly what's on offer each day!

We have offered you a wide range of options over the last 12 days but only you know what is on your Christmas list. Treat yourself this holiday and enjoy 25% off any item in our store. To get this discount, add one item and one only to your cart.
(You need to be signed up and use the code in your e-mail)

Day 11: (EXPIRED)
Free express shipping with any order

Day 10: (EXPIRED)
Logitech® Harmony 1100 for 300 GBP

Day 9: (EXPIRED)
35 GBP off a Logitech® Guitar Controller and free shipping

Day 8: ( EXPIRED)
10 GBP off a Logitech® Squeezebox Radio and free standard shipping £149.99

Day 7: (EXPIRED)
Act today and enjoy 40% off a great product bundle for the gamer in your life. The customisable G9 Laser Mouse can be tuned to the way they play, while the G15 Keyboard puts information and power at their fingertips. All in all, a bundle that's ready for battle! Was £154.98 now £92.99

Day 6: (EXPIRED)
Protect the goodies you get this Christmas with our Digital Video Security bundle. The Outdoor Master System helps you keep an eye on what's going on outside while the Clock Camera will discretely keep an eye open inside. Was £508.00 now £249.99
See End of thread for images and further details

Day 5: (EXPIRED)
Get the Wireless Mouse M305 and the Portable Lapdesk N315 together for more than 20% off manufacturer's suggested price £42.99
Wireless Mouse M305 (comes in a range of colours) (Usually £29.99)…,en
Portable Lapdesk N315 (Usually £24.99)…,en

Day 4: (EXPIRED)
Buy SuperFi 4 Earphones - Standard Version IP-P4SSA0003-04 £79.99…,en
and receive
FREE Loud Enough Earphones IP-P3SSCF001-04…,en

Day 3: (EXPIRED)
Logitech® Pure-Fi Mobile for just 69 GBP

Day 2: (EXPIRED)
Logitech® Darkfield Mice Offer 20 GBP off

Anywhere Mouse MX £49.99
Performance Mouse MX £69.99

Day 1: (EXPIRED)
Free Logitech® Webcam C250 :
when you buy yourself one of our HD webcams with Carl Zeiss optics

Todays deals are average prices but I'm hoping something half decent will pop-up over the 12 days so watch this space.

Update: Go via TCB (TopCashBack) for 4% Cashback on all purchases made via logitech. You get 1% bonus as it's xmas promotion with TCB.

You can also go via Quidco for 3% but they charge an annual fee of £5 on your cashback amount.


Do you have a link for this ?


Would love another webcam...

HiDo you have a link for this ?

Click on the 'go to deal' button above the picture on the right.

There is a section once your in there to be sent an email of the deal each day.

I'm after a diNovo Mini so fingers crossed.

G27 £100? yes please..

have a bit of heat......:thumbsup:

Bah, speakers, not my thing today.

What are the chances of the Harmony remotes being on this deal at some point? :-)

Fingers crossed for a blazing deal on the Logitech MX Air and a Di Novo Edge keyboard

Hoping to pick up a gaming mouse in this sale!

Day 10 will be Harmony 1100


If you look on the marketing page there is a photo glimpse of the offers - so far the photos have matched the offers available on each day. Not sure I can see a harmony on there, although days 11 and 12 are greyed out. Looks like the radio is available on 08/12.

I did ask Logitech if the Boom might be one of the offers - they replied yesterday saying they cannot state if it will be???

Link below:

You can work out the daily offers. I did post them but for some reason my post was removed.

erm why is this hot?

the deals havent been

i understand if its hot if we hav a day where the deal is good but not at the moment?

Day 11 looks to be free express shipping, day 12 being 25% off everything!

Sounds like I might want to wait until then…png…png…png…png…png…png…png…png…png…png

We'll have to wait for the prices but at least we know what is going to be on offer!


Would love another webcam...

... said Leslie Grantham, as the focus just wasn't good enough on the one he was using.

just bout the z-5500's last night and then i see this. Was concerned they would end up being part of this deal but can't see them. Even with the day 12 25% off everything, the price i paid for the speaders is more than 25% less than RRP - phew!

Original Poster

tickedon, rep for you!

I've been waiting for this sale for a long long time. My Harmony 895 has started dying on me, as it was out of warranty I approached logitech and they gave me a 50% off code. I've been waiting for this sale to use it and was hoping the 1100 would be included!

I wonder if day 10 will work out cheaper than day 12 or if i can even use my code on day 12. 75% off? Yes please

WooooHooooo DAY 8 has my christmas pressie on!!!!!!

Great find OP, you made my day!

Ooooo day 10 looks tasty as well......hmmm

As well as this "info" thread, I really think there should be a new thread each day for each specific deal or people will just miss them as this disappears off the front page into obscurity :thumbsup:

As well as this "info" thread, I really think there should be a new … As well as this "info" thread, I really think there should be a new thread each day for each specific deal or people will just miss them as this disappears off the front page into obscurity

Each day may not be a hot deal though, it might just be an average deal and therefore would deserve obscurity. Post deals if they're hot otherwise don't if they're not (Pretty good eh? I might come up with a 12 days of Christmas rhyme if you're unlucky enough)

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

whats day 10? remote? whats it retail for?

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

damn it i just bought a g9

but was £44 from pc world doubt logi prices will beat them?

looks like day 10 is where its at

or maybe day 7 depending what the combo price is :thumbsup:

ouch harmony's retail price is £349 even half it is too expensive for what it is ... a remote

Interested to see what day 7 price is, although not very hopeful. Their prices are expensive and so far the deals have been underwhelming to say the least. Either more expensive or a few quid cheaper than elsewhere, which wouldnt exactly make people jump at the offers unless they were after that exact product anyway. Cant see the 1100 being any less than £250, whilst a good price compared to other sites, its not exactly an impulse buy.

Even their 25% off deal at the end doesnt particularly bring most of their prices down enough to be competiting with the likes of Play and Amazon.


The deal for today is not that great.

Pure-Fi Mobile™, was GBP 109.00, now 69.00.

A quick google search shows that you can pick it up for £69 anyway.

I was hoping they'd have the Harmony 1100 on sale for £30! ;-)

I imagine the 25% off is their big offer, which means the 1100 will probably go on sale on the day its up for around £300 (the same price it is everywhere else).

Looking for the 25% off, but again, yeah, cheap as that elsewhere.

With the 25% off, the G19 keyboard will be £112.50, the cheapest i can find it elsewhere is £130 at Amazon

Day 7 is mine!!!...........or maybe not :-( .........if price will be similar to other online offers then......NO SANTA COMING TO MY HOUSE. HUARGGGGHHHHHHHHH


With the 25% off, the G19 keyboard will be £112.50, the cheapest i can … With the 25% off, the G19 keyboard will be £112.50, the cheapest i can find it elsewhere is £130 at Amazon

Although the G19 is apparently not worth buying as it has all sorts of problems (or did last time i read about it), the G15 on day 7 i'll be buying if its at a reasonable price, its in with a picture of the G9x though and they're both listed at £90 each on the site...i imagine it'll be either a bundle deal for around £150 or buy one get £20 off another.

I hope i'm proved wrong though and its nice and cheap!

Don't forget to use Quidco for extra cashback :-)

The Harmony 1100 was on sale at for £229 recently. No way can I see it being anywhere near that price when it comes up on day 10.


How do you know Harmony 1100 is coming up on day 10?…=25


Look forward to the 25% off day, I've been given a 50% off code for the logitech store as they can't offer me a repair and don't sell the hub for the bluetooth dinovo in the parts store

Thanks for the heads up OP and pajeh and tickedon for highlighting the upcoming deals.


cheers op + gamefreak great post

Eh? What has happened?

'Sorry, this offer is only available to people who signed up to our 12 Days of Logitech® mailing list.'

It was fine yesterday...
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