The 6th Day/Last Action Hero £3.99
The 6th Day/Last Action Hero  £3.99

The 6th Day/Last Action Hero £3.99

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The 6th Day/Last Action Hero £3.99

Great price for two great films!

A Schwarzenegger double-bill.
THE 6TH DAY: In the not-too-distant future, when pets can be cloned after they die and "virtual girlfriends" can be installed and programmed, Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) works as a helicopter tour pilot. On his birthday he comes home to discover an identical version of himself--an illegal human clone--celebrating with his family and friends. The next thing he knows, a squad of killers is after him in order to hide the evidence of their cloning activities, funded by Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn), a powerful businessman who hopes to make billions from human cloning in collaboration with his medical expert, Dr. Griffin Weir (Robert Duvall). Of course, nobody believes Adam when he says there's an impostor living his life, and soon he has to take matters into his own hands while being chased by bad guys who won't stay dead thanks to the magic of cloning and Syncordings, instant memory downloads. THE 6TH DAY is an intriguing sci-fi thriller, combining science fact and fiction with everything viewers could want from a Schwarzenegger movie: terrific special effects and an action-packed story, with two Arnolds for twice the fun.

LAST ACTION HERO: An alienated young boy magically enters the movie-world of his favourite film hero and brings him back to reality to face a different kind of challenge. The casting is offbeat but this underrated comedy takes some sharp jabs at the overblown reality of action movies.


Great price!


Good deal, thanks:)

Great find.
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