The Accident Man (Hardback Book) by Tom Cain only £1.00 instore at Poundland

The Accident Man (Hardback Book) by Tom Cain only £1.00 instore at Poundland

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Found 15th Jul 2009
Cracking bargain for an excellent read. Next cheapest I can find is £8.44

Meet the Accident Man, Samuel Carver Carver is a good guy who makes bad things happen to bad people. Drug-baron's helicopter develops mechanical failure mid-flight: Samuel Carver. Terrorist blown-up in his own bomb factory: Samuel Carver. Ex-SAS, now freelance mercenary he is the frontline weapon of the 'Consortium', a black-ops British government outfit, or is it? Carver is called to do a hit at very short notice. Do this job for us and be paid very well. Refuse and you better run and hide. He believes the target to be a high-ranking Pakistani terrorist. The job is to organise a car crash in a Paris underpass. But Carver is being set up. When he discovers the real identity of his target, and more importantly the identity of the target's female companion, he knows one thing - his life is over. This is a secret too big to let him live, unless he can track down the real villains before they get to him. Combining the plotting of Robert Ludlum, with the pace and tension of Frederick Forsyth, Tom Cain is a major new thriller writer and "The Accident Man" is a classic in the making and launches Samuel Carver straight into the top rank of action heroes.

Author Tom Cain

Publisher Transworld Publishers Ltd (United Kingdom)

Year 2007

ISBN 9780593058053

Format Hardback - 416 Pages


Bought this today - hope it's good!

A great read

superb book

Going by the thread title I thougt it was a book about Tim 'the toolman' Taylor :-D

Excellent book, the follow up The Survivor is decent too & I've just started reading the brand new one Assassin.
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